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Whether storing documents and records that are vital in order for the business to function, or storing goods, most companies have a need to safely and securely store items in the workplace. Investing in a good storage system with containers that are easy to clean and move around is certainly worthwhile. Not only does such a system improve the efficiency of the workplace, it helps to reduce accidents and injuries. Accidents and injuries can result from items falling from shelving, or shelving collapsing, or simply from items being lifted incorrectly. Well-designed containers can help prevent such accidents and the resultant loss of productivity.

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Our tote pans and racks are ideal for storing items in the workplace. The galvanised stacking tote pans are ideal for handling and storing small components or parts. With the tote pans, you can build up an economical system that will give your employees easy access to parts when they need them. The tote pans have been specially designed to ensure safe manual handling and are made from strong, 22-gauge galvanised steel with reinforced rims. While it might be tempting to save money by re-using general-purpose boxes for storing small items, these pans are inexpensive and will save money in the long term, and the robust construction of the pans means that they can provide high-density storage. To make the pans easy to handle, they have easy grip half-handles and a card-holder attachment at each end. The card-holder can be used to label the contents of the pan to make it clear to employees what items are stored therein. In addition to their robust construction, the pans are also resistant to heat and oil, and if a fire does occur they do not give off toxic smoke. The tote pans are manufactured in the UK and have a class O fire spread rating. If required, you can purchase our galvanised steel tote pan divider slots that are ideal for separating components within the pan. These must be specified when you purchase the galvanised stacking tote pans as they are created during the production of the pan, when slots have to be cut into the pan to fit the dividers. The dividers are also made from galvanised steel. Our mesh stacking tote pans are made from zinc coated, galvanised steel mesh. A wire mesh pan is ideal if it is to be used for draining or dipping processes. Like the galvanised tote pan, the mesh pan is resistant to heat and oil and will not release toxic smoke in the case of a fire.

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