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Solid Stackable Plastic Containers & Lids

Transporting, packing and storing items is routine in many workplaces, and in respect of those tasks, businesses have a duty to ensure that staff can work in safety. Items that are not stored in suitable containers can cause accidents and injury due to boxes falling or toppling over. If large numbers of items are to be stored, it is important that containers can be stacked without the risk of the containers falling when the items need to be retrieved. Using the correct type of container, especially designed for this type of use, will significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

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Our plastic containers and lids are ideally suited for transporting and storing items. The solid stackable plastic containers with label holders can interstack between the different sizes, so that they can be stacked safely and easily. The containers are ideal for heavy-duty distribution applications and are of robust construction, which makes them ideal for different packaging systems. We have a wide range of sizes that can be adapted to any type of goods. The containers also have smooth internal surfaces and rounded corners, which makes them easy to keep clean. Made from food industry standard, injection moulded polyethylene, they are ideal for storing or transporting food products. The containers are also resistant to most solvents and chemicals. When food has been grown and harvested or made into food products, it has to be packaged and transported. There are many rules and regulations governing the type of material that may be used to transport food and it is important that any business involved in the manufacture or transportation of food items uses suitable containers to reduce the risk of contamination. Businesses that use production lines to make their products have a need to move containers around, and containers that do not have easy-grip handles can be dropped, which can damage the goods and cause injury to employees. To make our containers easy to handle, they have ergonomic hand grips. Injuries can be sustained by not lifting heavy items in the correct manner and these handles help to reduce the risk of such injuries. Our stackable plastic containers come either with or without a label holder. Label holders are useful if you need to keep track of what products are in which container. Both types of containers can be securely stacked and are robust and effective in use.

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