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Scan Pans, Racks & Trolleys

Whether a business needs to store and transport large or small items, a good storage system is important. For smaller items that are regularly accessed, scan pans and racks are an ideal solution.

As well as increasing the efficiency of a workplace, Scan Pan Racks will help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to staff. These cost businesses time and money because workers could need time off to recover, and may be eligible to claim compensation from their employer.

While it may initially be cheaper to reuse boxes, a stacking system, designed specifically for storage, will be safer and more efficient in the long term.

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Buying Guide

Galvanised Scan Pans are ideal for storing small parts and components to which easy access is required. These are made from spot-welded, heavy-duty, 20-gauge steel and have a card-holder, rear handle and front support bar. They can be stacked safely on top of each other and their open front design means the contents can be easily viewed and accessed. They have a wire rim and a stacking ledge.

Available in a variety of sizes, some scan pans can be used with Tote/Scan Pan Bench Units. These fully-welded steel frame constructions provide a tidy, convenient way of storing a number of pans across several shelves. They are available in a range of capacities, depths and colours, so you can choose units that best suit your requirements.

With Scan Pan Racks, you can separate small parts and components, yet store them in one location, making it easier to keep track of them, which in turn makes stock inventories easier. It also makes it simple for employees to access parts and components when they need them because they are all in one place, and labels can be used to make it clear what’s in each pan. These strong welded racks are available in a choice of colours and sizes.

Scan Pan Trolleys are the ideal solution if you need to move small parts and components around the workplace. Lifting and carrying such items can increase the risk of accidents and injuries, but with a trolley they can be transported safely and securely. The trolleys have a galvanised steel top shelf so they can be used as a mobile workbench, as well as a mobile storage unit. To ensure contents are easy to load and access, each of the bins is located on runners.

The trolleys are available in a range of colours, capacities and depths, and are fitted with 100mm diameter nylon castors. Trolleys with rubber castors are also available.

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