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Heavy Duty Dollies

Transporting items, especially heavy ones, is often a part of many jobs. Moving heavy items around a workplace can lead to accidents if they are not transported using the right equipment. If you are a business owner then providing the right equipment to your employees will not only make your business run more smoothly and efficiently, it will also ensure that you comply with Health and Safety regulations. Heavy Duty Dollies provide a firm support for heavy items, and their wheels make moving items, even large and heavy items, around a workplace, such as a warehouse or industrial site, an easy task.

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We have a wide range of dollies, including heavy-duty dollies that are ideal for transporting different types and weights of items. Transport dollies are of simple design and are easy to move and operate. We have a range of dollies in stock that are suitable for different applications and loads. Hard-wearing wheels make our dollies easy to manoeuvre and safe to handle. Moving heavy goods around a workplace or industrial site can be difficult without the right equipment and can lead to accidents and injuries to staff, that in turn lead to lost revenue because affected staff have to take time off work to recover.

H-frame dollies are specially constructed for moving heavy loads. Their flat shape means that any load is evenly distributed across the four castors, making it more stable and secure. Having the load distributed across the dolly means that the load is less likely to shift when the dolly is moved, and the load is less likely to fall and be damaged when the dolly has to be manoeuvred around obstacles or across uneven surfaces. Heavy-duty, plastic H-frame dollies will make moving even heavy items easy. Our pallet dolly is made of strong steel. It is mounted on four nylon roller bearing swivel castors that make it highly manoeuvrable. It can be safely used to transport heavy loads and if required it can be provided in different sizes.

The pallet dolly is the ideal way of making static loads mobile. In addition to standard shaped dollies, we also have dollies suitable for specific types of loads. For example, our polyethylene drum dolly is the right shape for transporting drums in a vertical position. The dolly itself is moulded from strong, chemical-resistant medium density polyethylene that has UV stabilisers. A looped steel handle makes it easy for the operator to manoeuvre and control the dolly. The dolly is mounted on two swivel and two braked hard-wearing nylon castors, which make moving the dolly safe and easy.

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