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Galvanised Baskets, Pans & Bins

Storing items securely and safely in the workplace is part of a daily routine for many companies. When businesses have to store or transport potentially hazardous items, the way in which the items are moved, packed and stored is very important, since all businesses are required by Health and Safety regulations to ensure that the workplace is as safe as possible for all their employees. This makes great sense from a business perspective, as accidents and injuries at work can be costly to businesses, because key staff may have to take time off to recover after an accident or injury.

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COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) guidelines apply to all workplaces across the UK. All employers have a mandatory requirement to carry out COSHH risk assessments. Any workplace that handles substances labelled as Harmful, Toxic, Irritant, Poison or Corrosive fall under the COSHH guidelines, and employers must ensure that such substances are stored securely and safely. Hazardous substances in the workplace can cause short and long-term damage to the health of employees. An employer should strive to ensure that the employees are not exposed to hazardous substances; where this is not possible, the risk to employees must be minimised. Storing hazardous substances in containers that have been especially designed for the purpose is essential for protecting employees from possible harm. Our galvanised baskets, pans and bins are ideal for storing or transporting hazardous substances. Our galvanised bins are robust and are available either with or without a liquid-tight sump. These bins have been especially designed to make the storage of highly flammable liquids and hazardous substances safe. Each bin has been manufactured from galvanised steel and has a flanged lid. The lid has a restraining device that prevents it from falling backwards and this increases safety. The welded seams of the bin increase its rigidity and reduce the risk of any liquids seeping out. The bins are also fitted with a hasp and staple lock, which can be secured using a padlock (not supplied with the bin). The bins are robust enough to be used either indoors or out. The bin is marked with a sign that indicates whether the contents of the bin are flammable or hazardous, in order to warn employees to take appropriate care when storing and handling the contents of the bin. Our galvanised bins provide one of the safest and most economical ways of storing flammable or hazardous substances.

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