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In many business environments, packing, storing and moving goods are daily tasks. Storing goods in the right sort of container is important to ensure items are stowed efficiently and safely. While it might be possible to save on cost by reusing containers that have been used for other purposes, using containers that have been especially constructed for a particular purpose will lead to efficient use of space and improve safety in the workplace. Many workplace injuries are caused by items falling, due to them being stacked in a way that is unsafe, or by being stored in unsuitable or damaged containers.

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We supply a range of euro containers that are ideal for storing goods. Our perforated euro containers have a modular sizing that has been especially designed to make them easy to stack. This means that you can use our containers to build compact and stable loads, which will not only enable you to store items more efficiently, but also make it easier for staff to transport and stow goods. This is important if items are to be stored for any length of time, as unstable loads can cause accidents that may result in serious injuries. The containers are also solid and robust enough to protect even fragile items. Reinforced corners make the containers stronger and improve safety when a heavy load has to be transported. Another advantage of our containers is their smooth surfaces, which makes it easy to clean the containers and maintain hygiene. The smooth base also means that the boxes can be easily moved on conveyor belts with little noise and without excessive jolting, which could cause damage to the contents. All the containers have ergonomic handles to make lifting and stacking them easier.

The containers are made from a very durable polyethylene, and the lids, dividers and label holders ensure the security of the contents and make it easy to identify the containers for later retrieval of items. If you have smaller items to store, then our euro stacking container divider strips can be useful for dividing and segregating the containers into smaller sections. These are available in different heights and are simple to use – you just snap the divider to the length required. Our sliding door euro containers are ideal for storing products that you need ready access to. The clear, hinged access door means that staff can see what is in the container without having to open it. A straight interior wall maximises the amount of space for storage and the door has a label holder.

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