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Aluminium Containers & Storage Containers

Transporting items is something that everybody needs to do, whether it is for work or personal reasons. If the items that are being transported are delicate or valuable then it is especially important to ensure that the container that they are transported in will provide adequate protection. Our aluminium containers and storage containers are ideal for transporting delicate or valuable items because they are strong and sufficiently rigid to protect the items, while also being among the lightest containers available. Lifting heavy items is a common cause of injuries at work, so lightweight but strong containers are the ideal solution.

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Buying Guide

When transporting or storing items, it is important to select the right type of box for the job. If a box is too large or too small then some items will not fit, or there may be wasted space in the box making it less efficient. Cost-wise, it may be tempting to re-use boxes that have been used for other purposes, but those boxes may not offer adequate protection due to water or structural damage, or the material they are made of may not be robust enough for the job at hand. Our aluminium containers and storage containers are lightweight and strong and have a ribbed wall. They have stacking locators at each corner, which makes them easy to stack for long-term storage. Once they are stacked on top of each other they are held firmly in position. This is important, because when boxes are stacked, any movement could result in the boxes falling and causing injury to individuals, as well as potentially damaging the contents of the box. The tough plastic grip handles make lifting, stacking and moving the boxes an easy task.

Many injuries at work are caused by poor manual handling, so good handles are essential. The boxes are available in a range of sizes, making it easy to select a box that is just the right size for the items you want to transport or store. For additional security, the boxes can be locked with a padlock and bar. A retaining strap on the lid prevents damage to the hinge. Our aluminium transport and storage containers are perfect if the conditions in which you have to store the items are not ideal; for example, there may be some dampness present. A rubber seal between the box and the lid renders the box shower-resistant and will protect the contents from water damage. A recessed base also restricts the ingress of moisture if the box is standing on a damp floor.

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