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Material Handling

We provide an exhaustive range of Material Handling products to ensure that all of your goods and materials can be safely stored and transported through every stage of the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail process. This includes facilitating manual movement and containment across the supply chain, plus safe and secure disposal of items at the end of their lifespan.

The Material Handling products that we provide include trucks, trolleys, pallets and containers, plus drum handling, lifting equipment, conveyor belts, and gas handling and storage equipment. Within these designations, we have available a wide range of manually operated, semi-automatic and fully automatic items to assist with all of your storage and short-range transportation needs.

Using the correct Material Handling equipment is essential for employee and customer safety, and for meeting workplace health and safety standards. It is also crucial to overall efficiency and can assist with resource planning and allocation, inventory management and meeting delivery targets.

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Material handling products should ideally be deployed as part of a unified system. Understanding your needs and requirements is the first step to compiling an inventory of the products that are needed to ensure that your business is following safe, efficient and economical best practice across the full length of its supply chain.

The material handling products in use by your business should complement each other while all fulfilling a specific purpose. Basic guiding principles should apply across all sectors, namely effective utilisation of space available and reducing movement to what is strictly necessary. An understanding of ergonomics will increase productivity and safeguard employee welfare, while maximising unit loads. Correct use of industrial trucks, for example, will lead to greater efficiency of both time and labour.

Buying Guide

Select the material handling products that best serve your business, rather than adapting your procedure to the items that you have available. At Welco, we have a wide range of products able to satisfy most needs.

For essential storage needs, we have a broad selection of containers and tote pans in all sizes, ranging from stackable boxes in durable plastic to galvanised steel tote pans with reinforced rims. These will form the basic units of material storage, and you should buy in sufficient quantity and size for your business needs.

Next, you need to consider how you will move goods from one position to another. Points to consider are the quantity to be transported, and over what distance. How frequently will these actions need to be performed? What is the most efficient and cost-effective means of moving them from A to B?

Many of our containers are equipped with wheels to be moveable in their own right. In other cases, they may be stacked on pallets and transported using the most suitable form of pallet truck for their size, quantity and weight distribution. For smaller quantities, using a metal trolley may be more mobile and effective.

For regular and frequent transportation of items, the best idea may be to set up a conveyor system. In this case, we can provide you with everything that you need, from a ready to roll conveyor belt to additional and replacement parts.

Specialist items need specialist handling, and at Welco we have the exact item that you require for all circumstances. Don't compromise on material handling, but allow us to provide the exact product you need.


Q: Can I speak to someone directly about my material handling needs?

A: Yes, you can. If the perfect product is not immediately apparent in our catalogue or on our website, then one of our expert team will be happy to talk to you about your particular needs. We pride ourselves on being able to provide 100 per cent satisfaction for our customers.

Q: What environment are your material handling products suitable for?

A: We provide a wide range of material handling products with different business environments in mind. Some products are more suited to the factory floor or manufacturing unit, while others are most widely used in warehousing. Others may be suitable for the shop floor or other retail spaces.

Correctly meeting your material handling needs is paramount for the efficient running of a successful business. Welco has effective solutions to every problem that you may encounter. Purchasing from us will enable you to put together a unified material handling system that is safe, secure and cost-effective throughout your supply chain.

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