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Surgical Theatre Equipment

Welco offer a range of equipment that can help medical facilities like hospitals to organise their surgical theatres and offer them a safe, clean, secure place to store all the necessary tools. With tables, stands, drawers, bowls and stools all available, you’ll be able to find the exact type of equipment your medical staff can benefit from in the theatre environment.

All the products supplied by Welco, which aims to save you and your organisation both time and money by supplying practically everything you could ever need in your working environment, are conveniently sized too, designed to leave ample space within the theatre so professionals can conduct their work comfortably.

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If you require seating for your theatre, Welco have multiple options, including comfortable, anti-static, clean stools with wheels at the base for maximum movement. This furniture is also fully adjustable, finely constructed and designed to handle a reasonable of weight, guaranteeing high levels of comfort regardless of stature.

Having access to a surgical trolley in a theatre environment can often prove invaluable, and Welco supply medical trolleys in various forms, materials and designs. When you pick out a medical trolley from our range, you’ll be able to select the specific frame, material and width, giving you the chance to essentially design a trolley that’s perfect for the theatre in your hospital.

All our trolleys offer free movement, stability, and well-spaced shelving, allowing you to store and transport items across the theatre with ease and confidence.

Buckets and bowls are used frequently in hospital theatres, and at Welco we have a number of these medical items available for purchase in various shapes and sizes. Our bucket stand and kickabout bowls can be wheeled about the theatre floor with complete ease, with the deep dimensions compensating for high amounts of liquid, waste or other substances.

The stainless steel material prevents spillage and allows for easy cleaning after each usage. We also have a number of bowl stands, which allow medical workers to position bowls at various height levels. A secure locking mechanism is built into these products to ensure the bowl is never at risk of falling or becoming loose, no matter where it might be positioned.

Variable-height tables are also available for purchase. These raised stainless steel surfaces provide medical staff with a convenient and hygienic location to store and access surgical tools, with a mechanism in place that allows for height adjustment. The tray at the top of these tables can also be removed too, allowing staff to pass numerous surgical tools to one another with ease.

Browse our diverse range of theatre equipment below to find the products that can enhance the efficiency and quality of your hospital’s surgical procedures.

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