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Surgical Dressings and Bandages

Welco have several different types of Surgical Dressings and Bandages available for purchase in bulk. All products are of the highest quality, providing medical facilities with the kind of equipment staff need to safely and hygienically tend to wounds and give patients every chance of making a full recovery from their injuries.

Staff themselves may also suffer injuries from time to time, and the brightly-coloured plasters available from Welco, which has over 70 years of experience supplying high-quality products to workplaces and the health and education sectors, allow those who work in medicine to cover minor wounds safely and securely.

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Welco supply a range of surgical dressing products such as plasters and safety pins which are suitable for use in any medical facility, including GP surgeries, hospitals, dentists, veterinary surgeries, accident and emergency centres, care homes and rehabilitation centres. No matter what area of the health sector you operate in, you can keep your first aid kits and dressing supplies stocked up with quality products by placing an order with Welco.

Our blue catering plasters are perfect for staff who have accidentally cut themselves on a sharp surface and require dressing to stem the flow of blood emanating from the wound. The bright nature of these plasters ensures they fall in line with health and safety regulations, as they are vibrant enough to be quickly spotted if they were to fall to off at any point during the working day.

Our pink washproof plasters also offer a clean, hygienic way to heal minor wounds, arriving in a box that consists of a variety of plasters in different shapes and sizes. These plasters will remain rigidly in place even when exposed to water, and offer a sterile solution for treating cuts. The fabric and material of these plasters is also stretchy, meaning they can wrap around larger wounds with ease and still offer a high degree of protection.

Every medical environment requires a healthy supply of safety pins for securing bandages. Our safety pins and strong, safe and affordable, coming in assorted sizes so they can be used for any medical application. Our safety pins are also made with stainless steel, meaning they won’t succumb to damage easily if they come into contact with high pressure or fluids.

Having a healthy supply of surgical dressings and bandages on hand is essential for any healthcare facility. You can place a bulk order with Welco right now and have these health and safety products delivered directly to your door. Just click on the item you wish to purchase and hit the order button. We’ll do our very best to get your order across to you in just a few days.

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