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Single Use Surgical Procedure Packs

Keep a healthy supply of surgical tools within reach at all times by stocking up on single-use surgical procedure packs from Welco, which has over 70 years of experience supplying high-quality products to workplaces and the health and education sectors.

These medical kits contain a variety of different tools designed for a number of surgical procedures, allowing you to pick out the packs that are suitable for your medical facility.

We have intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) packs, standard suture packs, fine suture packs and minor surgery packs all ready for purchase, each of them containing sterile, strong instruments designed for specific purposes.

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Our packs are built for a variety of purposes, including IUCD. Designed by Instraspac, the IUCD procedure packs available at Welco come with the kind of strong, stainless steel scissors and forceps medical staff need in order to perform a successful operation, with their hygienic nature offering maximum protection and significantly reducing the chances of any cross-infection occurring.

Inside every IUCD single-use surgical procedure pack is a pair of Straight Mayo scissors, a pair of Allis tissue forceps, a pair of Spencer Wells artery forceps and a gallipot.

You can also acquire packs designed specifically for suturing. These Instraspac equipment kits contain instruments allow medical staff to perform a large amount of different suturing tasks, eliminating the risk of contamination in the process.

Welco also have single-use surgical packs designed for fine suturing as well as standard suturing, with the instruments inside also made from medical grade high-quality material. Both types of single-use suturing packs available at Welco come with scissors, forceps and needle holders.

Minor surgery and minor operation procedure packs are available among our range of medical equipment here at Welco, each of which contain towels and swabs on top of a variety of special high grade stainless steel tools designed for both minor surgical tasks and minor operation tasks. Inside every pack are scissors, forceps, needle holders and polypropylene trays.

All of the single-use surgical procedure packs available from Welco are top of the line medical products which have been assembled and packaged with exceptional quality and care. The contents of these packs have been designed to be used once and once only, which ensures for the highest possible levels of hygiene when it comes to every surgical procedure.

Browse our selection of single-use surgical packs to see which type is suitable for your hospital or surgery. Welco, which aims to save you and your organisation time and money by providing just about anything you could need in your working environment, offering over 51,000 products, can supply any of these packs in bulk and deliver them to your address for a nominal fee.

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