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Single Use Surgical Instruments

The range of single-use surgical instruments available from Welco offer medical professionals quick access to high-quality tools. By stocking up on a range of single-use surgical instruments, you can ensure there is always sterile surgical equipment to hand in your medical facility, and when you use Welco, you won’t be forced to break the bank either.

From scissors to forceps to needle holders, Welco can distribute a comprehensive supply of single-use surgery instruments to any health care facility that requires them. All of these products can be used safely and effectively on a one-use basis and then disposed of, providing a cost-effective solution for hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries, and even veterinarians.

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Single-use surgical instruments guarantee the highest levels of hygiene. Fresh out of the pack, these tools are sparkling clean and ready to use right away, offering medical staff a sterile and safe way of performing minor surgical tasks on patients.

There are a number of different surgical tools available at Welco from highly respected brand names in the medical industry. We have a wide range of scissors available from Instraspac, with each type designed to make incisions on different areas of the body for maximum effect. These pairs of scissors are suitable for immediate use and are designed to help medical staff perform the task in hand with the utmost precision.

Welco, suppliers of high-quality products to the health and education sectors for many years, also have forceps ready for purchase. These tools have been expertly crafted to offer surgical staff a terrific amount of grip when it comes to organ removal, tissue holding, or grasping areas of skin. There are a number of different forceps designs available, allowing you to purchase the types suitable for the demands of your medical facility.

There are also specialised artery forceps available among our range, which can be used as sterile tools for handling delicate tissue and grasping blood vessels.

Needle holders can also prove to be an indispensable addition to your surgical tool inventory, and we have needles holders here at Welco designed to make wound closing a considerably easier task. These strong and smartly-shaped products keep the needle rigidly in place during surgeries, allowing the medical professional to cleanse and close any open wounds with two hands and full concentration.

The wide range of single-use surgery instruments available at Welco gives you the chance to stock up on high-quality, sterile equipment in a cost-effective manner. Browse our range of one-use surgical scissors, forceps and needle holders below, mixing and matching products however you like. We will be happy to provide you with any assistance when it comes to putting in a customised order.

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