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Resuscitation Kits

It’s vital for any health sector professional and facility to have the necessary equipment to safely resuscitate a patient who has stopped breathing at any given time. Welco, which has over 70 years of experience supplying high-quality products to the workplace and health and education sectors, stocks Resuscitation Kits that allow medical staff to conduct safe, clean, hygienic resuscitation at a moment’s notice.

Resuscitation equipment such as resuscitation hygiene kits is vital in providing both medically-trained people and those without any formal training with protection from infection when providing potentially life-saving assistance in emergencies where resuscitation is required. As such it is essential first aid and primary care providers.

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Compact, easy to carry and extremely affordable, the resuscitation hygiene kits supplied by Welco enable both medical professionals and people without medical training to react to emergencies where resuscitation is needed without having to worry about the prospect of cross-contamination occurring or the unexpected release of bodily fluids complicating the procedure. These kits are designed not just to make the jobs of first aiders much easier, but also to protect them.

Each resuscitation hygiene kit comes in a nylon bag with a belt loop, enabling it to be easily carried when medical professionals are going about their day-to-day duties. Each kit contains a pair of polythene gloves, plastic apron, disinfectant wipe, face shield and clinical waste bag that self seals, all of which are designed to shield the user from bodily fluids and any associated risk of infection.

While resuscitation should ideally be attempted by those who are medically trained, circumstances may dictate otherwise, resulting in a scenario where only people without medical training are on hand to assist someone who is unresponsive and not breathing. These instructions may also prove useful for medical professionals who need an untrained bystander to conduct a clean-up while they assess the condition of a person isn’t breathing.

The resuscitation hygiene kits supplied by Welco, which aims to save you and your organisation time and money by providing everything you are likely to need in your working environment, are designed for one use only due to the risk of infection posed by reusing them.

However, by stocking up on these handy nylon bags, medical professionals and facilities can ensure they are not only prepared for emergencies where resuscitation is required, but also to keep both medics and anyone else assisting someone who has stopped breathing safe from infection.

For more information about the resuscitation hygiene kit and other resuscitation and respiratory equipment supplied by Welco, as well as the bestselling health equipment from the 51,000 lines the company provides, visit the product pages below.

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