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Respiratory Equipment

Welco have a selection of essential respiratory and breathing equipment suitable for all facilities in the health care sector, from nebuliser sets to Spirometers. All the items in our product range are designed with quality and efficiency in mind, enabling staff to quickly and easily attach the breathing equipment to a patient in the event of an emergency.

All the respiratory products available from Welco, who have supplied high-quality products to the health sector for over 70 years, are also hygienic and rest easy on the skin, ensuring patients can wear them for extended periods of time without experiencing any kind of discomfort.

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Welco boast an inventory of respiratory apparatus that consists of exclusive high-quality products. When it comes to medical breathing equipment, we sell nothing but the best that money can buy, allowing health care facilities to stock up on first-rate respiratory products in bulk for an affordable price.

Our single-use nebuliser sets arrive with all the necessary pieces so they can be used immediately. These products have been carefully designed to fully function at a wide variety of angles, enabling staff to equip the device when a patient is either lying down or sitting upright. These nebulisers are also designed to actively prevent moisture build-up and leakage, ensuring the patient receives a steady supply of oxygen at all times.

We also have a more advanced nebuliser available among our range - the Arianne power nebuliser. A particularly resilient and robust product, this nebuliser is very light nonetheless and can be carried from room to room with the attached handle extremely easily. The compressor is designed with a filter system intact so that the user only ever breathes in clear, pure air and never any contamination.

As well as nebulisers, Welco also have the WelchAllyn SpiroPerfect spirometer within our respiratory product range, a desktop breathing analysis unit capable of measuring vital capacity (VC), forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratory volume 1 (FEV1%), peak expiratory flow (PEF) and forced expiratory flow 25-75 per cent (FEF 25-75).

Built and designed with cutting-edge software, this machine offers health care facilities a way to fully comprehend the breathing patterns of patients which can lead to an accurate diagnosis of the condition being made as a result.

The WelchAllyn SpiroPerfect spirometer is fully compatible with PC computers and has a near-silent printing system that helps to ensure the peaceful environment of the healthcare centre is not disturbed. This machine also comes with a convenient carry case, meaning it can be transported with ease around the medical facility.

Welco have all the respiratory equipment that your health care facility could possibly need – delivered right to your door for affordable prices. Take a look at our range below and order the right respiratory product for your facility in just one click.

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