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Phlebotomy Treatment Chairs

Whether you have phlebotomy technicians on staff or a selection of specially trained nurses, you’ll still require suitable seating for your patients during the process of drawing blood. Welco have a range of chairs designed specifically for phlebotomy, allowing patients or blood donors to sit back, relax and remain as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

All of our Phlebotomy Treatment Chairs are strong and sturdy, and are capable of making almost any sized patient feel calm, cool and collected as they receive treatment. This specially designed medical furniture can also put staff at ease too, as they will feel secure in the knowledge that the patient will be completely safe for the duration.

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Welco have phlebotomy treatment chairs available from respected, trusted medical brands among our medical furniture range, including BioCote and Bariatric. Every chair on offer is tested and produced to the highest standards, helping to make the process of drawing blood as easy as possible for technicians, nurses and doctors.

All of our chairs are suitable for almost any type of medical facility too, with each product equally at home in a hospital, GP surgery, care home, rehabilitation centres and accident and emergency complex.

When it comes to phlebotomy chairs, Welco cater for all budgets and never at the expense of quality. All our models are made with fine anti-bacterial fabrics that are both clean and comfy, enhancing the quality of the treatment that every patient receives.

The BioCote phlebotomy and treatment chairs on offer are a prime example. These medical furniture models are ideal for facilities with restricted budgets who are still seeking the highest possible quality. These products come with a handset control that offers a large degree of movement, with an easy-lift gas assisted backrest and footrest giving the patient every opportunity to get themselves as comfortable as possible.

If your facility deals with bariatric patients for regular phlebotomy procedures, a more appropriate product might be the Bariatric two-section plinth - a table/chair with a vast surface area to accommodate larger bodies. These pieces of medical furniture stand strong under heavy pressure and can also double as physiotherapy tables given their wide design. Electronic controls also help the patient move into positions where they feel most comfortable.

Our Bariatric three-section plinths models are similar in design, but come with an array of additional features. These broad chairs function perfectly for phlebotomy treatment, but can also be used for procedures of a neurological nature. The head and leg areas are adjustable and flexible, with a handset control for height alteration.

Help your patients feel completely at ease when they’re giving blood by investing in phlebotomy chairs from Welco, providers of high-quality health and education products for over 70 years.

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