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Minor Operations Equipment

Your medical staff must have access to high-quality medical equipment for the best chance of performing successful operations. Welco, a provider of high-quality products to the health sector for many years, offers a selection of products that can help to make surgical procedures and minor operations go smoothly.

We offer everything you could possibly need in terms of Minor Operations Equipment, from simple items such as skin marking pens, to more advanced pieces of equipment like aspirators. All our products have been ratified and endorsed by experts in the medical field, offering healthcare professionals the tools they need to conduct their best work when performing a minor operation.

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Minor operations or surgical procedures often require the use of suction units for various applications. Welco offer the Res-Q-Vac aspirator tool to medical professionals, an advanced and efficient piece of equipment that actively and effectively fights the occurrence of infection when part of a patient’s body is exposed in any way.

Available with catheters for both adults and children, the Res-Q-Vac is an essential minor operations tool that can help to eliminate complications during surgery and quell the risk of infection. There are also replacement packs available for Res-Q-Pack aspirator here at Welco. By investing in a bulk load of aspirator replacement packs, you can keep your aspirator fully functional at all times with a steady supply of backup power always at your fingertips.

For dermatological procedures, the ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 offers the ultimate solution. This advanced piece of machinery offers coagulation, desiccation and fulguration, arriving with a wall mounting kit for maximum convenience. An accompanying foot pedal also renders this machine suitable for additional procedures, such as a vasectomy or ophthalmology treatment.

Packs of disposable tips and sheaths are sold separately and available for purchase right here at Welco, giving you the chance to stock up and keep your ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 functioning efficiently and effectively all year round.

Marking patients to identify the location of surgical incisions is a process that all medical professionals must complete before an operation commences. The Schuco surgical skin-marking pen available at Welco is designed especially for this purpose, containing skin-friendly ink that remains visible for several days if left untouched. Application of soap and water however can remove all traces of the ink in a matter of minutes.

Welco also have Merlin Medical C300 rechargeable cauteries, Schuco Stiefel ring curettes and Brymill CRY-AC complete cryosurgical systems ready to purchase in one click, either on an individual basis or in bulk as you desire.

Take a look below at all the different minor operations equipment on offer at Welco. The affordable, exceptional medical products we have available can help to enhance your medical facility surgery practices and improve results across the board.

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