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Medical Lamps & Magnifiers

All healthcare facilities need a high standard of lighting enable their medical professionals to inspect patients and carry out their work in the most accurate and efficient way possible. We have range of high-quality medical lighting available here at Welco, including a variety of medical lamps and desk-mounted magnifiers.

Whether you’re searching for general lighting, such as LED lamps and lighting, or lamps for medical procedures, such a minor surgery lamps and examination lamps, Welco, which has over 70 years of experience supplying high-quality products to workplaces and the health and education sectors, can provide a solution that will meet your needs.

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For GP surgeries and hospital examination rooms, Welco provide lighting products that offer concentrated beams of light that help to illuminate an area without dazzling the staff or patient. By utilising Luxo examination lamps, medical professionals can closely examine patients with confidence and clear visibility. Luxo lamps provide the necessary amounts of light required to safely conduct general skin and wound inspections, obstetrics tests or gynaecology examinations.

The Daray X200 LED lamps on offer at Welco are equally suitable for taking a closer look at patients. These lighting products boast a long engine life and do not heat up after extended periods of use. These lamps are also adjustable and flexible, allowing medical professionals to position them in just the right way in order to examine patients effectively.

We also have a number of advanced lighting products for sale, such as the WelchAllyn Green Series LED lighting system. These systems offer an extremely intense output of light, brightening up a room in an energy-efficient manner. These LED lights also come equipped with touchless controls, which in turn help to increase hygiene standards in the facility and prevent the spread of bacteria.

For desks, the MAG700 LED desk-mounted magnifiers are a great choice. These circular magnifying lights actively enhance colour contrasts and offer a concentrated beam of light that significantly reduces shadow casting. They are also strong and study, fitting comfortably on almost any sized desk whilst keeping plenty of space free for paperwork and storage.

You may also need lighting for theatres in your medical facility. Surgical procedures always require excellent visibility, and the Luxo AIM-100 minor surgery lamps offer crisp beams of focused white light that illuminate the area without causing eye-straining reflections, allowing surgeons to perform their work safely.

When you’re searching for appropriate lighting products for your medical facility, you should always opt for the best brands on the market. We have medical lamps and magnifiers for all medical procedures here at Welco, designed and constructed by the most respected names in the medical industry. Browse through our selection below and fill your medical facility with high-quality lighting today.

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