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Medical Bags & Cases

Carrying medical equipment whilst working on the go can prove extremely problematic if you don’t have the appropriate kit. At Welco, which aims to provide everything that might be required in health and education sector working environments, we stock the very best medical bags and cases in the business, designed specifically for travelling medical professionals who need to take a wide range of medical supplies on the road with them.

We also supply a range of smartly-designed, ready-to-use equipment kits, containing all the essential medical supplies and equipment a GP or student doctor might need, such as infrared thermometers, upper arm blood pressure monitors and peak flow meters.

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Our medical bags and cases come with multiple compartments for ample storage, allowing users to stow all kinds of medical equipment regardless of shape or size. They are also stylishly designed and comfortable to carry, even when large amounts of supplies are stocked inside. The Merlin Medical Morgan bag is one such example.

This medical bag is practical and secure, coming with numerous compartments and a strong easy-to-hold handle. Light and comfy, the Merlin Medical Morgan bag is also designed with lovely black leather, making it extremely easy on the eye.

We also have Merlin Medical Griffiths and Bedford bags here for sale at Welco. These medical bags come with extra padding and offer additional protection for medical equipment, which makes them particularly useful for any user who regularly uses busy public transport where their bag is constantly placed under pressure. Fitted with a wide array of storage pockets, this bag is also equipped with moveable dividers, which can be fastened securely and safely with Velcro straps.

As well as storage bags, we also have ready-to-use equipment kits available among our bag range at Welco. These include the student doctor essential equipment kit and the GP registrar equipment kit. Our student equipment kit is ideal for doctors in training, built with durable material and coming with a healthy selection of medical essentials tucked away inside, such as a thermometer, stethoscope and tuning forks.

For travelling general practitioners, the GP registrar equipment kit is the perfect way to carry around equipment from door to door in a safe and secure manner. These bags are sleek and shiny, coming with a few essential pieces of medical equipment inside like blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and a diagnostic set. The smooth handle ensures the bag can be carried easily too, making the transportation of medical supplies easier than ever before.

Examine the high-quality medical bags and cases we have available here at Welco by clicking on any of the products below. Every single one of our bags comes with a high-quality guarantee and can be shipped to your door in just a few working days.

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