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Clinical Waste Bins

At medical facilities a significant amount of waste needs collecting and disposing of safely, to prevent cross contamination and to reduce the risk of healthcare workers or members of the public injuring themselves. Our range of Clinical Waste Bins provide a safe and secure means of collecting needles and other clinical waste in one central location, so that it can be sent to the appropriate facility.

Clinical Waste Bins are available for use both outside and within medical rooms, so your employees have a convenient means of throwing away waste as soon as they have finished with an item.

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It’s essential that medical institutions comply with the appropriate requirements – including the Environmental Protection Act 1990 – regarding disposing of their clinical waste, and have an effective waste management plan in place. We provide you with an easy means of ordering all the necessary equipment to do so, including a wide range of dedicated clinical waste bins, some wheeled. These can be used to dispose of everything from needles and empty vaccine containers to dressings and out-of-date drugs.

Our products are manufactured from materials that offer exceptionally high levels of hygiene and security, so you can have peace of mind that the products contained within them won’t get into the wrong hands. The lids can be lockable to improve safety and prevent anyone getting access to used needles or other dangerous waste.

We have clinical waste bins produced from high-density polyethylene, which is chemical resistant and can withstand extremes of temperature, as well as galvanised options that are resistant to corrosion and have flame retardant properties. Having a sealed base on your clinical waste bin will enhance hygiene levels by making it quick and easy to clean efficiently, and will minimise the problem of leakages.

Some versions are foot operated to reduce the need for people to touch the bin with their hands, which improves hygiene standards even more. These are an efficient means of throwing away disposable gloves, aprons, hand wipes, plastic containers and other equipment and utensils that could become contaminated.

Clinical waste bins are ideal for use in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, tattoo parlours and other locations where dangerous waste substances need to be disposed of. They can be situated close to drug cabinets or pharmacy refrigerators to make it easier for healthcare professionals to access and then dispose of needles, drugs and vaccines.

Healthcare environments often have specific requirements on the waste solutions they require and it’s important to choose the most appropriate products for your needs. We are more than happy to talk through the options available to you and provide you with the best solution for you, your employees and patients.

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