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Surgical & Emergency Equipment

Providing aid to those that need it in an instant, surgical and emergency medicine are among the most vital clinical disciplines. When a patient is presented with severe and life-threatening symptoms, you will be required to make decisions quickly and begin the treatment with very little time to spare. It is therefore essential that you have the right tools and technical equipment to hand and that your environment is correctly equipped for handling all kinds of procedures and situations.

Welco can supply the surgical and emergency equipment you need to meet daily medical challenges.

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You can trust Welco to supply the best surgical tools and emergency equipment; our products have been sourced from the best manufacturers in the industry, and chosen for their ability to assist during a crisis or routine surgical procedure. The products that we supply have been checked for compliance and rigorously tested against Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines and British Standards where applicable, so you can purchase with confidence.

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Sometimes, it’s the smallest tools that do the most important jobs, and that’s often the case with the instruments used across emergency and surgical medicine. The tools of your trade must be perfectly precise to deliver treatment to some of the smallest and hardest-to-reach places within the human body. Our range of surgical and emergency equipment includes some of the most delicate tools available, including surgical scissors, artery forceps, needle holders and fine suture packs, as well as the marker pens that help to keep each incision or exploration as accurate as it possibly can be.

Another aspect of emergency and surgical medicine is the furniture and equipment that you surround yourself with; the items on hand on the ward, within Accident and Emergency and in theatre that make surgical procedures and emergency treatment as efficient and effective as they can be. From larger furniture, including physiotherapy plinths, phlebotomy treatment chairs and surgical stools, to smaller items, such as bowl stands, kick buckets, and examination lamps and mounted magnifiers, every item in the clinical environment has its place – and a job to do. Our surgical and emergency equipment is designed to make your job far easier, and to allow life or death decisions to be made without distraction.

First aid is a vital aspect of emergency medicine, ensuring that patients receive care and treatment in the instant that they require it. Indeed, the application of first aid can often make surgical procedures much easier to accomplish as the most basic level of care has already been administered. For this reason, we are careful to consider the kinds of kit that you are likely to need while out with the ambulance, in A&E, or in surgery, and have selected products for sale that will complement your clinical role. These products include absorbent powder to clear spillages and leaks, plasters, the Arianne Power nebuliser so that patients receive the breathing assistance that they require as soon as they’re admitted; the Powerheart AED G3 Pro defibrillator in cases of cardiac arrest, biohazard waste bags and sharps bins for the safe disposal of medical waste and needles. There is also a resuscitation hygiene kit. No emergency department or first aid station should be without this latter product, which can ensure that your lifesaving efforts are safe for all involved.

Our surgical and emergency equipment page is a vast and varied one, with a great many items you are likely to use on a daily basis. If you require further assistance, or cannot see an item that you need, please contact our dedicated and friendly team.

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