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Medical Record Storage & Cabinets

Keeping medical records and patient files in safe place is a top priority for any facility in the healthcare sector. At Welco, we have a varied range of medical record storage boxes and cabinets designed to keep all your paperwork secure. From cabinets, to filing pockets, to transfer trolleys, we have supplies and products that can improve the way your facility handles documentation, assisting the organisation of paperwork and helping transport it throughout the building.

We have storage systems available here at Welco that are suitable for all types of medical facility, ensuring you’ll be able to find a medical storage product that’s right for your building no matter how much space you have to spare.

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Larger, busier medical facilities such as hospitals and city-based GP surgeries often have a high turnover of patients and require big storage products that help to suitably organise files in a meaningful way for quick and easy access. In order to minimise complications when stowing and retrieving files, you can utilise the double-door archive medical record cabinets available from Welco.

These storage spaces come with lockable doors for maximum security, as well as several shelf units and a pull-out work surface. Thick, heavy and secure, these cabinets offer the perfect place for you to stash hundreds of case files at a time, with the built-in reinforced card trays, hand pulls and labels allowing you to keep things neat, tidy and organised for instant access.

We also have purpose-specific storage facilities here at Welco, including x-ray cabinets which are perfect for staff who deal with these types of files on a regular basis. Fitted with lockable drawers, these cabinets also come with X-ray toast racks.

You may also need a device to transfer large amounts of paperwork and files from one area of your building to another on a regular basis, and our range of medical note trolleys are designed specifically for this task. We have multiple trolleys available among our product range, so you can pick the style that suits you best. These include open-sided medical notes trolleys, along with Bristol Maid bulk medical trolleys and single-drawer unit timber case note trolleys.

Remember, there are a number of accessories available for purchase at Welco that can enhance storage security and improve storage trolley functions, such as spare key sets and anti-static brake castors for trolley wheels.

Browse the wide selection of medical record storage and cabinets that Welco, which aims to save you and your organisation time and money by providing everything required in your working environment, below. Every single one of our products has been built to the highest standards, meaning you will receive value for money no matter which storage item you opt for.

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