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Medical Examination Couches

When patients undergo an examination, a high-quality couch is required so that the medical staff can conduct the procedure both effectively and safely. When an exceptional medical couch is in place, there is an improved rate of analytic accuracy and an increased chance of successful diagnostics.

When it comes to Medical Examination Couches, Welco, which has over 70 years of experience supplying the health and education sectors with high-quality products, sell the best brands on the market without exception: adjustable, hygienic, comfortable couches that play a huge role in putting the patient at ease and allowing medical staff to perform duties to the best of their ability.

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Welco have a solution for your medical facility, no matter what the nature of your work may be. Our medical examination couch range is sizable and sundry, consisting of simple, conventional tables for routine examinations and also more advanced and ergonomically designed couches with multiple adjustment functions and accessories.

Those seeking basic examination couches without the added extras will find what they’re looking for here at Welco, with the Sunflower Colenso examination couch one such example of an economical all-round table. This model also comes with flame retardant upholstery that rests easy on the skin, ensuring the patient remains safe and secure during every examination.

There are also slightly more upmarket options with added functionality such as the Fusion Eco three-section variable-height couch, built with an electric adjustment mechanism, positioning castors and thick upholstery to offer a generous range of manoeuvrability for both medical examiner and the patient themselves.

The Doherty BioCote protected examination couch is another variant in this ballpark, arriving with a hand control for height adjustment and suitable for both general practitioners and physiotherapists.

Welco also have a number of specialised examination couches among our range, including Fusion Gynae couches, which have been purposely designed for gynaecological examinations. These models are equipped with leg supports and stirrups, as well as soft, relaxing upholstery that gives the patient the kind of support they need when undergoing this sort of exam.

If you work on the go or will require your medical couch to be transported easily from room to room, the portable treatment couch available from Welco is the perfect solution, offering a quick and easy fold-up and set-up with a multi-position self-locking backrest for convenience and comfort.

If you’re seeking additional accessories for your medical examination table you can find them at Welco, with drawer tidies, battery backups, head pillows and intravenous (IV) pole attachments all available for purchase in one click.

For the finest medical examination couches on the market, you need look no further than Welco. Visit the specific product pages below to learn more about the quality of the couches on offer.

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