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Hospital Trolleys

The fast-paced hospital environment always demands rapid and efficient movement of essential products and equipment from one room or area to another. We have a number of Hospital Trolleys that function as steady, dependable and powerful transportation devices, each of them light enough to push with ease but built with wheels that offer enough grip to handle being moved around at a quickened pace.

Welco, which has over 70 years of experience supplying high-quality products for the workplace and for the health and education sector, offers Hospital Trolleys made from a range of materials and in a range of different sizes, enabling you to find the apparatus ideal for your working environment.

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955 x 825 x 575 mm(1)
990 x 460 x 590 mm(1)

You may require one specific type of trolley for your healthcare building or, if you’re a larger establishment, you might need several different trolleys for separate areas. All our trolleys have been built to serve certain purposes for healthcare facilities, supporting varying amounts of weight and structured in particular ways to accommodate specific items.

For example, the portering cylinder trolley has been designed with heavy products in mind, allowing the member of staff to tip the trolley towards them and push heavy items from room to room with relative ease. Our general-purpose hospital trolleys on the other hand have been designed to accommodate a wide variety of general healthcare products. These trolleys have stainless steel surfaces to support heavy amounts of weight, and also have plenty of space in between shelves to ensure taller items can fit in without any problems.

We also have trolleys equipped to make the transportation of files, paperwork and folders simple and easy. Our Bristol Maid multi-purpose trolleys have two levels, with the lower containers fitted on drawer slides for easy access, as well as reliable wheels that make pushing this particular trolley around the hospital or health care centre remarkably easy.

The Bristol Maid three-drawer procedure trolleys are practical if you require transportable storage spaces for smaller items such as medical tools. These trolleys have grooved drawers inside, a stainless steel tray on the top, and ample storage room at the base, allowing staff to store a diverse selection of medical equipment in a secure and simple fashion. The drawers can also be locked, enabling staff to keep equipment safe no matter where the trolley might be.

The capability of a healthcare centre can often depend on the equipment at hand, no matter how big or small this facility may be. By purchasing a selection of high-quality, dependable, robust hospital trolleys from Welco, you can provide staff in your facility with a means to move expensive and valuable items around the hospital quickly and safely, improving efficiency levels and helping to create a better functioning healthcare environment.

Scan through the trolleys below to see which designs you need; we can deliver them all right to your door.

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