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Hospital Chairs

Welco provide chairs that are suitable for all kinds of facilities in the healthcare sector including care homes, hospitals, GP surgeries, nursing homes and hospice wards. All our models are manufactured to the highest standards and offer the kind of back support and comfort levels a chair ought to provide.

Whether you need chairs for the reception area of your facility, seating for the office environment, specialised chairs for injured/disabled patients, or luxury chairs, you’ll find exactly what you need right at Welco, which has been supplying high-quality products to the health and education sectors, and for the workplace, for over 70 years.

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We offer all the types of hospital chairs you could possibly need for your healthcare centre, from standard, conventional models to more advanced products. The very best brands in the healthcare industry are on display in our product range, so no matter what chairs you decide to go for, you’ll be receiving the finest quality available on the market today.

For reception areas, the Galaxy Visitors Chairs are ideal, as they’re ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and built in a particular way so they can stack on top of one another, which allows you to free up huge amounts of room in your healthcare facility when seating is not required.

We also have Atlas Patient Arm Chairs available for purchase with solid frames and extremely comfortable padded material, as well as a number of anti-bacteria vinyl chairs from Aurora, which are perfect for environments susceptible to contamination given how they work actively against the accumulation of bacteria.

For office areas, we have a range of Sunflower Medical Gas Lift Stools that are perfect for anyone sitting in an area for a short period of time, like during a GP checkup.

There are also a number of high-back and mid-back wheel-equipped office chairs available for purchase, which are a good solution for any member of medical staff who is sat at a desk for long periods of time and requires a sense of flexibility. These chairs allow the user to gently and easily roll to another area of the room so that key objects and documents in the surrounding area always remain in reach.

There are also luxury chairs available among our hospital chair range, which can serve as useful additions for upmarket care homes and for elderly patients who require the best rest they can get in the most comfortable seat possible. These chairs include the rise and recliner chair, which can be controlled using buttons on the side and offers three separate structural movements, allowing the user to feel completely at ease.

If you’re seeking chairs for your healthcare facility, you’ll find all the best seating options, and everything else you could need for your work environment, at great prices at Welco.

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