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Biocote Lockers

The diverse range of BioCote locker designs available from Welco offer medical centres a wonderful opportunity to provide high-quality, safe, secure storage facilities for their staff at an affordable price.

All our Biocote Lockers are built with solid materials that prevent any contents inside from suffering even minor damage, with hygienically-designed surfaces helping to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and ensuring these storage facilities remain clean and healthy for anyone who uses them.

Biocote Lockers are also designed for easy installation, meaning they can be bought in bulk and fitted in your hospital, care home or surgery in a quick and unproblematic manner.

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BioCote lockers from Welco provide staff in your medical building with a clean, hazard-free place to store all their belongings during the working day. Assembled with sturdy material and an integrated lock system, these lockers offer maximum security to prevent theft, which in turn offers peace of mind for all members of staff who use them.

There are a dazzling range of BioCote lockers to choose from here at Welco, so you should have no problem finding a storage product that’s right for your facility. The BioCote compartment lockers offer safe and clean storage, while the more advanced Clearview lockers come with anti-microbial powder coating to actively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

These models are particularly useful in wards and surgeries where staff frequently deal with cases of E coli, salmonella and other dangerous diseases that can spread easily after coming into contact with other surfaces.

BioCote personal effects lockers are ideal for facilities with high numbers of staff who wish to store small amounts of items during the day, such as phones, keys, bags, wallets and purses. These lockers offer a high degree of security, arriving with cam locks and two keys for each specific compartment.

BioCote treated heavy-duty lockers on offer are suitable for any establishment that requires staff to hang and store high amounts of heavy items, such as safety coats, medical equipment and large medical containers. These lockers are some of the toughest storage facilities you’ll find on the market, built with ‘double-skin’ doors and an effective lock system that makes breaking in extremely difficult.

There are also several BioCote lockers designed specifically for clothes storage, which your staff may benefit from if they need to hang coats and uniforms. Cupboards can also be purchased from our storage range, offering an ideal place to stow medicines and materials.

Take a look at all the terrific BioCote products available from Welco today and pick out the ones your medical centre needs. All it takes is one click and these storage facilities can be transferred right to your door.

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