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Sharps Bins

Sharps Bins allow you to keep your medical facility functioning in accordance with health and safety regulations, offering staff a suitable place to dispose of sharp medical objects such as needles without causing risk to themselves or patients.

Welco, which has over 70 years’ experience of supplying high-quality health products, has a wide range of Sharps Bins available for purchase in all shapes and sizes. All our Sharps Bins are built with resilient material to prevent the risk of leaks or cracks, and are also suitable for all types of medical facilities including hospitals, clinics, surgeries, care homes and accident and emergency centres.

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Every medical facility needs to have appropriate measures in place when it comes to disposing of hazardous materials, objects and equipment. Welco sharps bins serve as perfect containers for the disposable of dangerous items in hospitals and other medical centres, constructed with moulded polypropylene to keep all hazardous materials and liquids inside the bin at all times.

Different facilities require different types of sharps bins, and bigger medical centres such as hospitals will need a range of sizes in order to accommodate for separate areas and rooms. The diverse selection of sharps bins available here at Welco means you’ll be able to find the bins that are suitable for you, whether you’re seeking general purpose sharps bins, or looking for a more advanced product that offers enhanced protection from a bigger range of materials.

We have sharps bins with hands-free lids and hinged door mechanisms, which also come complete with colour coded labels to help staff dispose of the right objects in the right place in a safe manner.

We also have smaller sharps bins which are specially designed for staff on the go, that fit comfortably into medical bags and have a sliding lid mechanism that allows for safe disposal of dangerous items in a quick and easy fashion. The container itself is also deep and offers the safe storage of multiple syringes at any one time.

Sharpsguard bins are some of the most advanced products in Welco’s range of sharps bins; their rotating chamber prevents anyone from retrieving the contents of the bins, while the moulded polypropylene they’re made from prevents sharps from penetrating them, as well as leaks.

These bins are ideal for high public access areas. They have large labels that warn people of the dangerous contents, and carefully-designed lids that lock in place and prevent spillages should the bins be upended. They are available in a choice of bright colours and are can be used throughout hospitals.

Protect your staff and your patients with the wide selection of sharps bins available at Welco, the provider of everything you need for your working environment.

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