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Portering & Emergency Transit Chairs

Welco have a full range of portering and emergency transit chairs, every one of them constructed with quality, safety and comfort in mind. Along with standard portering chairs, ergonomically designed chairs and evacuation chairs, we also have several additional chair accessories available that can enhance patient comfort levels, including footplates, arm rests and under-seat baskets.

All portering chairs available here at Welco are also designed for quick and easy transportation in the event of an emergency. Both the handles and wheels on these products provide excellent grip, allowing staff to swiftly and easily push patients from one area to another without the risk of slips or skids occurring.

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There are numerous portering chairs on the market in the modern day and at Welco you have access to them all. Our front steer high back portering chairs come with cushioned seats and moulded arms to provide as much comfort as possible, whilst our ergonomic portering chairs can assist staff in transporting patients with back problems from one area of the facility to another.

There are also several types of evacuation chair available at Welco, which come with high-quality safety straps to keep the patient locked into position, and two different wheel sizes to make transportation between levels as simple as possible for staff.

We also have a variety of portering chair accessories that can be easily clipped on to existing portering chairs and enhance convenience and comfort levels, such as footrests, baskets, and armrests. Intravenous (IV) poles can also be fitted easily to portering chairs to ensure patients can be moved from place to place whilst remaining hooked up to their IV as required.

We pride ourselves on offering the best portering chairs on the market to our customers, but we also want to ensure that anyone who is buying our products knows exactly how to use them. When it comes to emergency portering chair transportation and handling, you can improve staff knowledge in your facility by purchasing a training course membership for them.

By attending these courses, your staff will learn the essential practices a medical facility employee must be aware of in order to keep patients safe. These courses are conducted by an industry expert and demonstrate the emergency transit chair handling procedures in a clear, concise and professional fashion. With this type of training under their belts, your staff will know exactly how to react and preserve the lives of patients in your facility in the event of an emergency.

Welco specialises in providing portering chairs that keep patients feeling comfortable and safe. Pick out the design your medical facility requires and Welco can deliver these high-quality portering chairs right to your door for a nominal fee.

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