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Patient Mobility Aids

Offering mobility aids to the patients in your medical facility can make a huge difference to their well-being, confidence and overall morale. At Welco, we provide a range of Patient Mobility Aids designed to function in hospitals, accident and emergency centres, clinics, surgeries and care homes. Each of these products have been designed to help patients in a particular way, but every single one of them offers support that can play a big role in a patient’s recovery.

Patient Mobility Aids also help staff to take care of patients, making transportation around the hospital a much simpler task. These kinds of products can give weaker patients an incentive to attempt getting out of bed, which can go a long way to improving their physical function and mobility.

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Patient mobility aids are available in a variety of different forms here at Welco, from conventional structures such as wheel walkers, to more subtle, specific products like our reel of non-slip material that can help to increase grip on wheelchair seats.

We have both four-wheel and three-wheel walkers ready for purchase, both of which are equipped with adjustable height handles so they can be adapted for patients of any size or stature. These wheel walkers are also fitted with swivel front castors, providing patients with maximum control and allowing them to move at their own pace.

Both designs are strong with excellent grip and are extremely easy to use, enabling patients to slowly readjust to walking again and develop a renewed sense of confidence one step at a time.

Our three-wheel walkers can also be folded away quickly and easily, allowing you to store a number of these patient mobility aids without needing to allocate a big chunk of space.

Going to the bathroom can prove to be one of the more problematic and embarrassing tasks for patients with low strength levels or reduced mobility, but the toilet surrounds available at Welco can help put these fears to bed. The well-designed structure of our toilet surrounds support high amounts of weight and can be placed comfortably around the toilet basin, providing the patient with ample space and offering them a sturdy surface for them to grab and use to get up again.

Welco also have more advanced patient mobility aids on offer such as the Rotastand Solo. These products offer patients a way of changing sitting positon and give staff a safe means by which to help the process. The specific design of the Rotatstand Solo takes weight off the staff member’s shoulders and back as they help ease the patient into a new position, giving the patient the support they need to sit up or stand.

Give your patients all the support they need with patient mobility aids from Welco.

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