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Hospital Overbed & Overchair Tables

Many patients in your medical facility will be confined to their beds for several hours at a time, and the hospital over-bed and over-chair tables here at Welco provide a fine surface on which they can store items - such as family photos, newspapers, snacks and medicines - or perform tasks, like filling in a crossword puzzle or writing a letter.

All the hospital over-bed and over-chair tables you’ll find below are made with the finest materials and designed to fit neatly alongside patients’ beds, ensuring all their essentials remain close to hand throughout the duration of their stay in your medical facility. Being bed-bound is a frustrating ordeal for many, and with an over-bed or over-chair table by their side, patients can have their most treasured possessions within reach all day and all night.

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The chairs and tables you’ll find amongst our product range are not only practical, they’re also safe for the patient to use and can withstand heavy pressure. There are several different designs available, enabling you to select over-bed tables and chairs that match the ethos, dimensions and décor of your medical facility.

All chairs and tables are equipped with wheels for easy transportation, with the bars at the base designed in a specific way so they can slip comfortably alongside a patient’s bed or chair without disrupting other surfaces.

Our Astro over-bed/chair tables are hardwearing and can be easily and quickly adjusted by staff or patients themselves, ensuring for maximum comfort and convenience. There’s also an anti-trapping feature built into these tables, meaning staff and patients do not run the risk of injuring themselves whenever they raise or lower the height.

We also have tables with PVC tops available, offering a clean, hygienic and rigid surface that can be wiped clean in a matter of seconds in the event of any spills or accidents.

Our eClean over-bed tables sport a cantilever design that emits a cleanly aura, instilling a sense of hygiene in the same manner as a dentist’s side table. These tables are easy to manoeuvre and come with a raised lip, allowing patients to store their drinks on one side of the table and possessions on the other.

This way, if there are any spillages, there is a reduced risk of damage occurring as the raised lip acts as a buffer, restricting the spill to one side of the table and keeping objects in the other area bone dry. A safety feature is also built in to ensure patients do not hurt themselves when using the table.

Get the perfect over-bed and over-chair tables for your medical facility from Welco, experienced suppliers of high-quality products to the workplace and health and education sectors.

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