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Hospital Mobile Commodes

Transform your hospital, care home, or surgery into a patient-friendly, practical medical facility with the hospital commodes we have available here at Welco. We have a wide range of commodes to suit your needs, from wheelchair seats, to footrests, to terrific commode accessories like soap and toilet roll holders.

With Welco hospital commodes, patients at your medical facility will feel comfortable and cared for during the entirety of the stay, which can play a considerable role in their overall morale and help to improve their condition.

Designed with convenience and ease in mind, Welco hospital commodes can go a long way to improving the conditions in your medical facility and help to generate positive feedback from patients who feel they have received the best possible treatment and customer service during their stay.

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All the commodes here at Welco have been specifically constructed so they are fit for hospitals and most other medical environments. Our wheelchair commodes come with adjustable height seats and drop-down armrests, enabling patients to sit in comfort and be transported by members of staff around the facility with complete ease.

There are also fixed-height mobile commodes available amongst our product range, as well as specially designed Clayton commodes that facilitate the use of bathrooms for weak or older patients. These Clayton commodes also come with padded armrests and toilet roll holders, assisting the user in multiple ways and helping them to make their bathroom breaks as easy as possible.

There are also several commode accessories available, which can enhance the comfort levels of existing hospital furniture in a variety of ways. Our side transfer pads provide a hygienic surface that can be fitted alongside chairs and tables.

These transfer pads allow patients to keep their essential items within reach, also providing staff with a safe surface on which to store healthcare products and medicines when they are treating the patient in question. These transfer pads are coated in anti-bacterial material, making it difficult for germs to spread and maintaining the cleanliness of the overall medical environment.

We also have high-quality stainless steel intravenous (IV) pole accessories that can be easily fitted to wheelchairs, ensuring patients can venture outside of their rooms while remaining hooked up to their IV and remaining in the best possible condition.

Bottle holders, toilet roll holders and soap holders are also available for purchase, all of which can clip comfortably onto several different types of commodes and enhance existing pieces of hospital furniture by offering an added element of practicality and convenience for patients.

For high-quality hospital commodes and commode accessories, Welco, with over 70 years of experience supplying high-quality products to the health sector, is the answer.

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