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Hospital Lifting Aids

You’re likely to have a number of patients in your medical facility who are going through rehabilitation or are in a considerably weak condition following intensive treatment. The lifting aids available from Welco can offer your hospital, care home, A&E centre or surgery with a means to provide these patients with a way to get through their day in as little discomfort as possible.

Every single one of our lifting aids is designed to handle heavy weight and make things as easy as possible for every patient who uses them. All Welco lifting aids are easy to operate, fit, handle, maintain and clean, offering staff at your medical facility the best possible support in assisting physically less able patients.

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In time, bathroom breaks may become a dreaded chore for many weaker patients in hospital facilities, but the toileting slings available here at Welco can help make these feelings of anxiety a thing of the past.

Our toileting slings are suitable for use with any hoist with a standard spreader bar fixing, and allow the user to easily remove necessary items of clothing without tangling the material. The quilted nature of our toileting slings offers maximum comfort for users, with an elasticated waistband ensuring the product remains firmly in place.

If you’re looking to eliminate laundry costs and/or are seeking a more cost-effective solution to provide your patients with support slings, Welco’s range of disposable universal slings are the perfect solution for your facility.

These lifting aids have been designed specifically for a one-use basis and can be disposed of safely once the patient is finished with them. We also have locomotor mesh slings designed to help staff bathe patients, and general universal slings that provide any adult with complete body - and head - support.

We also have patient support products designed to assist with physical rehabilitation, like our nose over toes mat. Developed with an occupational therapist to assist those with balance and weight transference issues, these mats help struggling patients rediscover their balance and strength with clear feet position markings and non-slip surfaces.

We also have Pullman Patient Helper products available that give patients a means to pull themselves up in bed by grabbing onto a strong trapeze handle. These stands are strong and durable but can also be easily dismantled at any time whenever they are not in use, freeing up much needed space in your medical facility.

Simply click on the type of lifting aids you require and Welco, which has over 70 years of experience in supplying high-quality products to the health and education sectors, can deliver these products to the door of your medical facility or hospital within a matter of days.

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