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Hospital Chart Boards & Trolleys

Keep your medical facility running smoothly with the range of hospital chart holders, chart boards and chart trolleys available from Welco.

It’s essential for staff to have easy access to patient details and important medical documents, as well as a place to store them safely. All our chart holding equipment is sturdy and robust yet comfortable to carry and transport, allowing medical staff to easily and swiftly carry information from one room to another without ever having to worry about documents slipping from their grasp.

With Welco chart board and chart trolleys, your medical facility or hospital have a means to record, store and transport vital information securely in a very simple way.

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Welco have a range of hospital chart holders and carriers to suit your needs and budget. If you’re seeking a conventional chart holders, you can take your pick from our plastic board chart holders or opt for the mild steel version. Both offer medical staff a sturdy surface on which to write and record information, as well as tightly wound spring clips that keep documents clipped comfortably into place without creasing or slashing the top of the paper.

Our chart holders are also light, making them very easy for staff to carry whilst walking around the hospital at a quickened pace, and practical, with specially-designed grooves on the rear allowing them to seamlessly slot onto the ends of patients’ bed without the risk of coming loose.

Welco also have chart trolleys available in fixed height and adjustable height form. These pieces of hospital equipment give staff the opportunity to write notes on a sturdy surface, store patient charts in two spring loaded clips, and handily stow additional items away in the lower regions of the trolley for safe-keeping at a moment’s notice, such as pens, paper and other medical equipment.

The wheels on our chart trolleys have been carefully constructed to spin freely while offering a secure grip on hospital floors, ensuring the trolleys can be moved from room to room at a fast pace without hampering the progress of medical staff who may be in a rush to get from one part of the facility to another.

All our chart trolleys have been designed so they are suitable for intensive care units, hospital wards, and accident and emergency facilities, enabling staff from various areas of the medical sector to make use of their benefits.

Get the very best hospital chart holders, chart boards and chart trolleys for your hospital from Welco today simply by clicking the product that your medical facility requires. All our chart holders have been manufactured to the highest possible standards, ensuring you get value for money no matter what model or type you choose.

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