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Hospital Bedside Cabinets & Dispensers

Effective storage of items throughout a hospital or nursing facility can improve the efficiency of the organisation as well as increase the comfort and experience of the patient. Bedside cabinets surround the patient while they are in care and store their belongings and some medical equipment.

The cabinets need to be configured correctly and have ample drawer and cupboard space. They also need to be fitted close to the bed so that the patient and nursing staff can quickly and easily access items when required. Hospital dispensing cabinets also need to be practically designed for use by busy nursing staff.

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Hospital bedside cabinets & dispensers often need to be fitted around other pieces of furniture, so the cupboards are designed either as rectangles or L-shaped units. An example of the L-shaped design is the Sunflower NHS Lockable Combination Bedside Cabinet, which has a combined tall cabinet for hanging clothing or storing long medical equipment, as well as a small cupboard, a drawer and two shelf spaces.

This item provides multiple forms of storage for staff and patients in a compact style. The cabinet has three lockable spaces – perfect for when the room is left empty or if the patient needs to be moved. It is also built on four sturdy wheels to allow the item to be moved easily, via the simple wheel locking system. The handles on the cupboard are built flush to prevent medical equipment or clothing from snagging on the corners. The cabinets also include a chrome hanging rail to allow the user to easily hang clothes or other items.

For a basic rectangle-shaped unit, the Bristol Maid Bedside Cabinet incorporates a compact design with endless storage opportunities. The cabinet includes a lower cupboard with a removable shelf, two shelf areas, a towel rail at the rear and a drop drawer. The cabinet is also built on wheels that can be locked and unlocked, depending on the needs of the user. This function allows the user to move the cabinet to match the needs of the organisation.

Individual pieces can also be purchased for a custom storage layout. Sunflower Modular Base Units are available in a variety of designs, from single and double doors to L-shaped units, five-drawer units and sink units. These are purchased separately and can be installed together to match the requirements of the facility. They can also be used to complement the existing furniture.

All doors have brushed nickel handles and are fitted with locks that are supplied with two keys. All units are available in standard or custom sizes, and in a selection of colours. They should be the correct height and depth for comfort as well as providing copious storage space.

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