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Hospital Bathing & Toilet Aids

Hospital Bathing & Toilet Aids are a safe and efficient method of facilitating a patient’s bathing or toilet needs in a clean environment, while providing the individual with privacy and dignity. The devices are portable, and they enable those patients with limited mobility to shower comfortably and safely via the use of a shower chair, stool or seat.

Welco also offers aids that come in the form of baby baths. These devices allow the infant to be bathed securely and in any location. The aids are available with a variety of useful accessories, such as additional storage and bench space.

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Portable aids allow disabled or ill patients and infants to be bathed easily and securely, and they can be essential in minimising the chances of infection and ensuring that the adult or baby remains healthy. An elderly or disabled patient must be stable and comfortable when showering. Without the use of shower aids, the patient is at risk of slipping on a wet surface or falling when bathing. These devices allow the patient to sit when showering and washing. This can prevent injury or death from falls.

The Standard Gap Front Shower Chair is a portable shower chair that can be wheeled in and out of the shower area. The chair has a backrest and a padded gap front seat for added comfort and to enable the patient to wash all areas, without water pooling. The product is made from waterproof fabric and includes a flip-up footrest for additional support.

Other forms of Shower Chairs are static and are designed to remain permanently in the shower area. These are made of durable plastic and dry quickly after use. Similarly, shower stools and seats are also designed to remain in the shower area in the long term. These can be made either of waterproof fabric or sturdy plastic and are designed to be used in water over a long period.

As with the shower seat, these can be installed against a wall, depending on the needs of the patient. They can be folded flat when not in use or when the shower is required by mobile patients.

Baby baths are also available to wash infants. They are portable and can be wheeled to rooms when required. The Bristol Maid Variable Height Baby Bath can be adjusted to suit all heights and situations. It includes a push handle to easily move the bath from one area to another.

Various accessories, including a wire basket and a lift-up flap, are available to purchase separately. These additions enable the user to store items on the side of the bath or to lean other items on the flap close to the bath for easy access.

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