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Heavy Duty Wheelchairs & Access Ramps

Your disabled patients can be filled with a renewed sense of vigour with the comfort and freedom with products available from Welco. We offer nothing but the best heavy duty wheelchairs and access ramps in the industry, allowing medical facilities to acquire a wide range of high-quality products that can vastly improve their patients’ quality of life.

All the wheelchairs and ramps here at Welco are suitable for hospitals, care homes and most other medical environments. Browse our comprehensive range of products here and find the perfect solution to assist weaker and/or disabled patients while offering them a wider range of access routes and subsequently a much greater sense of freedom.

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The nature of your medical facility may mean that you require a particular style of wheelchair that can suitably cater for patients with specific issues. Welco offer a number of different wheelchair designs, so no matter what type of chair the patients in your facility require, you’ll be able to provide it.

We have classic heavy duty wheelchairs available for purchase in high quantities, all of which come complete with detachable arms, cross braces and puncture proof, high grip tyres. The nylon material on the seat allows every user to slip in and out of the wheelchair easily and remain comfortable at all times.

There are also self-propelled wheelchairs available for purchase from Welco. These models come complete with multiple adjustment features which ensure almost any user can fit into the chair and get themselves comfortable in a matter of moments.

These self-propelled wheelchair models also take a considerable amount of strain away from medical staff who are tasked with pushing patients around the hospital, as they offer a high degree of manoeuvrability. Lightweight versions of our self-propelled wheelchairs are also available for smaller patients.

For safe transport of patients from one location to another, the car transit wheelchairs available here at Welco are the ideal solution. Just like the rest of our range, these chairs offer plenty of adjustability as well as easy manoeuvrability. They can also be folded away simply and quickly for easy transportation and storage. These models are also available in lightweight editions for smaller wheelchair users.

You can also increase access for your patients with the varied range of channel ramps here at Welco, including folding ramps, telescoping ramps and lightweight ramps. These different types of ramp can handle varying degrees of weight, with each of them offering medical facilities the opportunity to enhance a sense of freedom for disabled patients and subsequently help to increase their confidence and morale.

Simply click the wheelchair and ramp models that suit your facility, and Welco can deliver them to your door in days.

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