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Drip Poles & Patient Curtain Screens

Enable patients in your medical facility to get the rest, privacy, and the kind of high-quality treatment they need with the drip poles and patient screens available from Welco.

All the patient room products you’ll find here have been designed with practicality and quality in mind, constructed with extremely sturdy materials and built for maximum manoeuvrability. Both our drip poles and patient screens are light and flexible, ensuring they can be easily transported between rooms at a moment’s notice.

Designed specifically for the fast and fluctuating hospital environment, Welco drip poles and patient screens can facilitate the efficiency of your medical facility and improve a patient’s overall experience

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Both our drip poles and patient screens come a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, allowing you to take your pick from the products you believe will be best suited to the nature of your specific medical facility.

Our conventional mobile drip stands are suited to almost any medical or healthcare environment. Their slender stature means they take up very little space in the room, whilst the well-built base wheels ensure they can be quickly transported around any medical facility.

We also have unassembled intravenous (IV) drip stands and welded IV drip stands available, both of which are fitted with swivel castors and robust frames, comfortably carrying and supporting heavy bags of liquid and giving staff complete confidence when it comes to setting up an IV drip for a patient.

We also have four hook IV drip poles available, which are equipped to handle as many as four full bags of medical liquid at once. The stainless steel material helps to add a sense of classiness to a hospital room, and ensures the pole can comfortably carry the heavy medical liquids without any problems.

We have a number of different types of curtain screens and stands available in our patient room range, enabling you to choose an appropriate product for the size and budget of your medical facility.

Our disposable curtain screens can be fit quickly for temporary patient privacy and thrown away immediately afterwards, offering a cost-effective solution that contributes to a cleaner, healthier hospital environment.

We’ve also got panel screens available for purchase, which offer maximum privacy for patients and can be quickly and easily folded away when not in use. Our four frame BioCote protected screen curtain frames act as a strong and easily transportable racks for almost any medical environment, while our one-piece curtain screens offer everything you could need in a patient screen: coming with built-in curtains, hardwearing wheels castors for free and easy movement around the hospital, and an accordion-like design so they fold away with ease.

Browse our range of drip poles and patient screens below and place an order in just one click.

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