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Adult & Baby Weight and Measurement Equipment

The overall health of a patient – whether infant or adult – can be determined partly by weight and measurement readings. The readings provided by Adult & Baby Weight and Measurement Equipment indicate if the person is overweight, underweight or of optimal weight, and if they are consuming the right quantity of nutrients.

These measurements can be ascertained by a variety of scales, measurement mats and tapes, which are used depending on the age, size and mobility of the patient. These devices offer an accurate picture of an individual’s physical makeup and are the first step in an overall medical examination.

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When dealing with a baby as opposed to adult patients, a diverse set of equipment and tools needs to be utilised. To get a clear measurement of the child’s height, the SECA 210 Measuring Mat for Babies & Small Children can be an effective tool to measure the infant, in a safe and non-threatening environment.

The design of the mat ensures that it is comfortable for the baby, and the user can quickly and easily read the height. For other length measurements, a measuring tape is available to take the head circumference and symmetry of an infant, as well as wrist and limb circumference measurements.

Portable scales designed to weigh infants and small children, such as the Seca 384 & 385 Digital Baby & Toddler Scales, enable the child to be weighed accurately and securely. The baby-weighing tray can be attached securely and detached easily when required. The scales display the weight on a clear digital interface. The TARE function can take into account the weight of any nappies or mats, and the Breast Milk Intake Function gives the user the ability to keep track of how much milk the baby has taken.

When dealing with adult patients, several scales are available, which can be used with a variety of patients. SECA 665 Wheelchair Scales are designed to weigh patients in wheelchairs. The scales incorporate a flat platform and ramp for ease of access for users. They can be folded easily, which allows the device to be moved quickly, as well as stored safely.

A similar form of scales is also available as a large and mobile platform. These two scales provide an accurate weight measurement, which is displayed on a digital LCD screen. They are made of durable and sturdy material that has an anti-slip coating.

The height of a patient can be measured easily using the SECA 213 Portable Height Measure. Endorsed by the Child Growth Foundation, the device is recommended for use with all children below the maximum height. The product can be stored easily in any clinical setting and is portable via a supplied carry case.

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