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First Aid Cabinets & Cupboards

In an emergency, it is vital that all employees have full knowledge of the location of the first aid facility and its contents. It is therefore important that the first aid kits and equipment are gathered together and in an easily recognisable location. The items need to be stored in a tidy and orderly fashion, and all items need to be accessible and labelled clearly.

In most cases, it is imperative that the organisation has all items stored in a high-quality first aid cabinet or cupboard. This piece of furniture must be made of a durable material, such as steel.

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Depending on the amount and type of first aid equipment required by the organisation, either freestanding or wall-mounted first aid cabinets and cupboards may be required. The extensive range of First Aid Cupboards includes a wall-mounted product designed to hold a variety of small first aid items. It is robust and durable, and made of sturdy, steel material.

The cupboard features reinforced doors that are fitted with secure locks to ensure controlled access and to protect the contents from theft. The shelves are designed specifically to accommodate most common first aid supplies and kits. This brand of cupboard is also available in other configurations and sizes, including single and double door varieties and a mobile, double door version.

The cupboards are fitted with internal handles to prevent items or fabric from snagging on the cabinet. All cupboards are clearly marked with a cross, making them instantly recognisable as first aid cabinets. The cabinets are also hygienic and easily cleaned, with the steel material coated with a Germ Guard anti-bacterial paint to reduce cross-contamination between medicines and cupboards.

Extra Shelves are also available in matching designs to complement the first aid cupboards. The shelves can be purchased in a variety of sizes and can be used on either single or double door cupboards.

For the larger first aid cupboards, First Aid Cupboard Stands are also available to be placed inside the cupboard to store and separate items. They are designed to be sturdy and not to move inside the cupboards. The stands include extra panelling on the edges to prevent items from spilling over the sides or slipping should the cupboard be moved.

The stands are made of a similar material to the cupboards and are coated in the same Germ Guard anti-bacterial paint. The addition of these ergonomically designed stands can ensure that the cupboards are organised efficiently and can prevent time wastage in the event of an emergency.

All first aid cabinets & cupboards and accessories can be incorporated easily into any office or clinical space, as well as used as an add-on to any existing first aid station.

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