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Self Administration Drug Cabinets

In some clinical or nursing settings, patients require a storage facility to store drugs and medical supplies specifically for that individual. A self administration drug cabinet can be the perfect solution for storing groups of medications. These drug cabinets are small and can be installed easily above or near a patient’s bed, and can be moved when required. They can ensure that all medications are stored together and away from hazards, which can prevent loss or damage.

Self Administration Drug Cabinets also provide security to the patient and to the medical staff, with secure locking systems included with the cabinet.

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Self administration drug cabinets are smaller than other medical cabinets and are designed to hold a small amount of medicine. Self Administration Drug Cabinets with a side hung door are a standard form of the item, and they open from right to left. They are supplied pre-drilled, for fixing directly to a wall or bedside locker. The cabinet can be fitted using a mounting plate for easy removal of the unit when patients need to be moved.

The cabinets are made of mild steel and are fitted with a lock for security. Two keys are provided with each cabinet. The cabinet is also supplied with a self-adhesive name card holder for patient details. Another version of the cabinet is also available; this features a door pocket that can store MDS files or a single Nomad cassette.

Self Administration Drug Cabinets - Drop Down Door are also made of mild steel but are opened via a drop-down door. This function creates a handy dispensing area to make taking medicines easy.

Both varieties of the self administration drug cabinets are available with optional accessories, which can be fitted to the facility if needed. These include full-width shelves that can be installed to separate medicines, or if more storage room is required. These shelves are also made of mild steel and are sturdy enough to hold many items. To complement full shelves, bridge shelves can also be purchased for additional storage. Both shelves are usually available in multiple widths.

For self administration drug cabinets that need to be moved periodically, cabinet mounting plates can be purchased separately and used when installing the cabinet. Three types of plates are supplied, including one for fixing the cabinet to the wall and two for a bedside locker. The wall plate is secured by means of hooks and a small hand-screw, while the top plate can be mounted on top of a bedside locker or any other horizontal surface. The rear plate can be mounted to the rear panel of a bedside locker and needs a certain amount of space to fit perfectly.

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