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Pharmacy Medical Refrigeration

Some specialised medications must be stored below a certain temperature. Following the temperature instructions will ensure that the product remains effective and does not make the patient's condition worse. Pharmacy Medical Refrigeration is a vital appliance in pharmacy and clinical settings, with many medicines requiring refrigeration.

It is imperative that the proper infection control and cross-contamination control practices are implemented when using pharmacy refrigerators. To prevent contamination and infection, a high-quality refrigerator with ample shelving should be purchased. It is important that the refrigerator has an easy-to-clean design so that any spills or leakages can be simply and safely cleaned.

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Pharmacy refrigerators are available in several designs and sizes to suit the needs of different organisations. Lec Ward Refrigerators offer a wide range of basic pharmacy medical refrigerators in a variety of sizes. The refrigerators maintain an even internal air temperature and conform to the temperature requirements of food hygiene regulations.

The refrigerators incorporate multiple shelving in the fridge, as well as having convenient door compartments. They have inbuilt, forced air cooling technology for rapid temperature recovery after the door is opened, as well as automatic defrosting to maintain the contents of the refrigerator at a consistent temperature. The refrigerators generally have a lockable compartment to protect the contents from unauthorised users or young children.

A similar design to the other products, the Lec Display Door Pharmacy Refrigerator has add-ons designed specifically to hold temperature-sensitive drugs. The device is available in multiple sizes, with the option for the user to digitally control the temperature. The refrigerator includes an important security function in the use of an audible and visual alarm signal that alerts users when the temperature fluctuates significantly from the desired setting.

Freezers such as the Labcold Laboratory Freezer are available to store medical supplies and drugs that require freezing temperatures. The freezers are usually available in several sizes, depending on the needs of the organisation. The freezer design is free from ammonia, CFCs and HCFCs, and has an operator-controlled defrost function for improved temperature stability. Lock and alarm functions are also available on the freezers, sometimes as an optional extra, sometimes as standard.

When drugs need to be transported from one refrigerator to another, the Labcold Portable Vaccine and Sample Carrier is a simple and versatile unit that can cool or heat items. It is designed specifically for the transportation of samples, vaccines, pharmaceuticals or other medical items that need to be moved under temperature-controlled conditions, where a power source is available.

The carrier has a robust and smoothly contoured body, which ensures that the contents are unaffected by tipping or vibration. The temperature can be adjusted by means of a dial, with both heat and cooling options.

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