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Drug Cabinets

Drug Cabinets are a necessary component in clinical environments and professional medical settings. In a medical centre or pharmacy, these cabinets can ensure that all medicines are kept together and out of reach of children. The cabinets also ensure that the organisation meets all legal requirements by the inclusion of a secure lock, either on the outside of the cabinet or in a compartment within the cupboard.

Drug Cabinets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes tailored to suit the types of drugs stored therein. These include cabinets for dosage systems, Nomad cassettes, controlled drugs or small medicines.

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To satisfy legal requirements, drug cabinets typically include an assortment of safeguards and control mechanisms. For controlled drugs, the Controlled Drug Cabinet includes a secure anti-pick lock and is made of durable, welded steel. These cabinets include removable door trays and shelves to allow the cabinet to be altered to fit the requirements of the user.

Several controlled drug cabinets include a warning light for added protection for the facility and user. Depending on the style and brand, the light changes colour in different situations. With the Controlled Drug Cabinet with Warning Light, the cupboard light shows one colour when closed and another colour when opened, and flashes after a couple of minutes. This addition is a handy reminder to staff to ensure that the cabinet is closed, and to alert individuals if the cabinet’s lock is malfunctioning.

For users requiring both an easily accessible cabinet with the benefits of a controlled drug cabinet, drug cabinets are available with a lockable, secure inner compartment. These, such as the Sunflower Cabinets with Controlled Drug Inner Cabinet, have space for medical items in the cabinet, as well as an inner cabinet made of steel with a secure anti-pick lock. This product also has a warning light and a nurse call output for connection to the nurse call system.

With all controlled drug cabinets, the regulations and legislation should be researched before purchase to ensure that the product meets the standards.

Standard drug cabinets are also available with the security of controlled drug cabinets. These are supplied with lockable doors but without the warning light system or thick steel covering. They are made in varying sizes for use in professional environments. Some, such as the Bristol Maid Drug Cabinets, are built with single doors or double doors to suit diverse situations and spaces.

Mobile Drug Cabinets that are configured similarly to the other cabinets, but are mounted on wheels, are also available when medicines need to be moved from one room to the next. They are specifically designed to be moved and have features that prevent stock from being damaged when in motion.

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