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Medical Devices & Diagnostic Equipment

Medical devices and diagnostic equipment enable people in a home environment or a professional setting to diagnose and monitor a range of health conditions. This equipment is vital to an individual’s health and wellbeing by ensuring that the correct diagnosis is made and an appropriate treatment plan is used.

Medical Devices & Diagnostic Equipment include tools and accessories to monitor blood glucose levels, clotting, cholesterol and other levels, as well as monitoring asthma symptoms through digital spirometers and peak flow meters. These devices enable professionals to diagnose and monitor conditions without the need to wait for results from a laboratory.

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With current technology, several blood level readings can be almost instantly examined by digital all-in-one kits. An example of such a kit is the Accutrend Plus Kit, which can reliably show multiple readings as well as store past readings for diagnosis and monitoring purposes. For personal and professional INR testing for those currently taking anticoagulating agents, accurately monitoring levels is vital to ensure that the proper course of treatment has been prescribed.

Several digital kits on the market show levels through a digital interface. These have a large, clear display and can store multiple readings for adequate diagnosis and health monitoring.

When urinalysis rather than blood testing is required for proper diagnosis, reagent strips, such as Roche Reagent Strips, are a quick and simple method to test a variety of levels, from glucose and ketones to protein. The strips are compact and portable and are designed for a variety of clinical and personal uses.

For people suffering from asthma or asthma-like symptoms, it can be almost impossible to diagnose the condition or the severity of an illness without the aid of diagnostic equipment. This can come in the form of digital or manual medical devices; all are portable and handheld.

Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meters can provide a more affordable, manual method for diagnosing or monitoring asthma symptoms without a digital spirometer. These devices are handheld and can display readings in clear increments of ten.

Professionals and individuals can also examine the entire breathing flow using a digital spirometer. These can either digitally display indices on a personal computer or print a graphic view of breathing flow. These, like the manual devices, are compact and can be used in a clinical or household setting.

Extra spirometer mouthpieces or paper rolls, such as the CareFusion Spirometer Paper Rolls, can be purchased to ensure adequate infection control practices and to minimise the chance of cross-contamination.

Other medical devices and diagnosis equipment that are tailored more for a clinical setting can also be purchased. These include ultrasound gels, x-ray viewers and medical ampoule cases for professional use in a wide variety of medical situations.

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