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Blood Pressure Monitors

To monitor blood pressure in patients in clinical situations, high-quality, professional equipment is required. This equipment may have to be used in both the short and long term. Several automatic monitors are available with clear, digital displays. These provide a quick and easy reading of diastolic and systolic readings, as well as pulse rate.

Portable, 24-hour ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors are also available in digital format. These are simple to operate, with special features to enhance patient comfort. For a more controlled and precise reading, manual sphygmomanometers in handheld, freestanding, desktop and portable models are provided for countless clinical needs.

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For automatic blood pressure readings, the Omron 907 BP Monitor provides an accurate and reliable indication of blood pressure and pulse rate. It has a clear digital display and adjustable cuff to suit all arm sizes. The software and interface varies from device to device, with previous readings being stored and shown on some devices.

For more long-term blood pressure monitoring, products such as the WelchAllyn ABPM 6100-S - Monitor and Software provides accurate 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure measurements. These monitors are portable, are easy to use and transport, and are specifically for use over extended periods. The oscillometric technology allows for easy patient hook-up, while the dynamic inflation tool automatically limits maximum cuff pressure for patient comfort.

For uses in clinical environments, manual blood pressure monitors can provide a more accurate reading. The Accoson Duplex Aneroid BP Monitor is one form of manual blood pressure monitor that incorporates a Velcro cuff and coiled tubing, as well as an efficient one-handed use system. It is also made of latex-free material and can be used on people with allergies to latex products. These manual monitors also come in the form of handy stand units, desk or wall units, depending on the needs of the patient or organisation. The stand units incorporate a sturdy base with easy-to-manoeuvre wheels, and they can be transported with ease from room to room.

For a time-saving solution to blood pressure monitoring, products such as the A&D TM-2655P Waiting Room Cuffless BP Monitor allow patients to test themselves without the assistance of a nurse or general practitioner. These devices can save time for medical professionals, as well as reduce the incidences of “white coat syndrome.” The results are printed on thermal paper, which the patient then gives to the GP or nurse. The design of the product allows the patient to sit comfortably while their blood pressure is being read. This can improve the patient’s experience, as well as helping to give a more accurate reading.

Lastly, all products have additional extras and accessories, such as software or cuffs, which can also be purchased through this site.

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