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Diagnostic Equipment

Medical technology has come a long way in recent years, enabling doctors, nurses and healthcare practitioners to provide check-ups that are more thorough, make faster diagnoses, and apply efficient treatment as soon as an illness or condition has been identified.

While many practices and examination methods have remained unchanged, there are others that have been improved significantly by the introduction of the latest technology. From the tools that have been used across the medical profession for several years, to those emerging more recently, the latest Diagnostic Equipment is now an integral part of the kit of any doctor or nurse.

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Buying Guide

At Welco, we provide medical professionals and others within the health industry with the best equipment available. As diagnoses depend upon the equipment that you will be using, and patients upon the care that you will administer, the tools that you use must be of the best quality, and meet all applicable British Standards.

The products stocked as part of our diagnostic equipment range have been sourced by some of the profession’s most trusted names and include items designed to take temperature; read blood pressure; examine the ears, eyes, nose and throat; listen to heartbeats; take a closer look at a particular part of the body; and view x-rays.

Whatever symptoms a patient may be presenting with, diagnostic equipment is vital in order to establish what the problem could be, and we have everything that you could need to do so.

Being able to take a patient’s temperature accurately is one of the most important parts of any health check-up or diagnostic appointment; a person’s body temperature can say a lot about their general wellbeing and can help you to pinpoint what may be wrong with them.

Thermometers that provide precise readings are an essential piece of kit, and we offer devices such as the ergonomically designed Radiant TH03F forehead thermometer and the efficient WelchAllyn Suretemp Plus, which will do just that.

Another key element of physical examinations and check-ups is being able to view a patient’s ears, eyes, nose and throat clearly. Any number of symptoms could be attributed to an infection in these parts of the body, and you will often start your examination at the patient’s head unless an obvious symptom takes you elsewhere.

Diagnostic equipment such as the Piccolight E50 F Optic diagnostic set and the Keeler Fibre Optic Otoscope will allow you to identify issues in this key area with ease and efficiency, while medical students will no doubt be drawn towards the variety of diagnostic kits that we stock.

A patient’s blood pressure or heart rate can tell their doctor a lot about how they are feeling and why, and what might be going on inside their body. There is a good reason that blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes continue to be revered by medical professionals in every field. From the most basic models to items such as the Omron M10-IT BP monitor, we can aid this most important of processes.

The diagnostic products within our range have been carefully selected to ensure that you will always have the right items to hand, greatly speeding up the diagnostic process and ensuring that your patients can be treated quickly and efficiently. We stock a wide variety of products, replacements and refills to be used in all manner of diagnostic circumstances, as well as those noted in the buyer’s guide.

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