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Health Equipment

Also known as armamentarium, the term “medical equipment” refers to tools and instruments designed to aid clinical practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of an array of medical conditions, while the label “Health Equipment” indicates the articles likely to assist a person’s wellbeing and complement their health and comfort. In this department, you will find products that do both, ensuring that clinical practitioners and consultants can deliver the best healthcare.

Each item that we sell has been specifically chosen for its relevance across medical environments and its importance when it comes to carrying out the most basic – or emergency – procedures and treatments. At Welco, we endeavour to choose the best products for our customers, and we work with some of the most trusted suppliers in each discipline. You can be assured that all items featured on our pages are the best for the job, and are at budget-friendly prices.

Our health equipment is suitable for use in a range of clinical settings, including general practices, physiotherapy centres, hospital wards and waiting rooms, specialist treatment rooms, therapy centres and emergency departments, as well as surgical theatres and some workplaces where quick and efficient care may need to be given.

Our health equipment can be broken down easily into six categories, which should help you to better understand where you should be looking if you require a particular product or group of products.

Buying Guide

In medical furniture and health estates, you will find storage solutions for patient records, x-rays and staff belongings, as well as trolleys that have been designed to transport medication and important documents, such as the Bristol Maid column care trolley. In addition, this category features items of furniture that can make the process of visiting clinical settings more comfortable and convenient, including upholstered chairs and couches.

Hospital ward and patient handling is dedicated to items that you would normally find on a ward, or within clinics, to ensure the comfort and safety of patients, and to aid in certain aspects of their care. Top products include mobility aids such as wheelchairs and mobile drip stands, as well as adjustable height commodes, which mean that patients do not have to be manoeuvred far; screens to protect their dignity; and bedside cabinets and tables to ensure that their stay is a convenient one.

The diagnostic equipment on offer from Welco includes a variety of instruments that will assist you with examinations and help you to make an informed decision about a patient’s condition and the right treatments moving forward. These products include thermometers, optic diagnostic sets and otoscopes, as well as blood pressure and heart rate monitors, and stethoscopes – anything that you may need to use to assess a patient’s condition and translate symptoms.

Surgical and emergency equipment delivers the products that you would expect from this vital branch of medicine, ranging from the small to the mighty. From needle holders to phlebotomy treatment chairs, our surgical and emergency products provide assistance to any team undertaking a variety of procedures.

Drug storage is particularly important in clinical environments, helping you to keep medications and prescriptions in the correct conditions and secure from theft and misuse. Our refrigerators, lockable trolleys, static cabinets and accessories make drug storage both safe and convenient, further supporting the levels of care that you can provide.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of medical and emergency care, first aid is complemented by a wide variety of products that can help to deliver speedy treatment to those in need. We are proud to stock a range of first aid products for sale, which include first aid cupboards, evacuation chairs and emergency showers; such items complement first aid kits and stations within the workplace to ensure that efficient care is administered.


Q: How will I know which storage cabinet best suits my needs?

A: We stock a variety of storage cupboards and cabinets, from BioCote metal lockers and medication trolleys, such as the Bristol Maid column care trolley, to filing cabinets and first aid cupboards. It is essential to ask yourself what it is that you will be storing, and to determine your budget. We have an array of storage solutions that are available at varying prices; if you are at all unsure, please ask.

If you have any queries regarding our products and their uses, or you require assistance with choosing the right items for your working environment, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated team.

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