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What is a Conveyor System?

A conveyor system is a mechanical handling product that enables you to quickly, efficiently and safely move materials from one location to another. They minimise the need for heavy lifting and can speed up production times.

Conveyors can be floor mounted, or supported on adjustable stands to accommodate flexible working. A range of accessories is available meaning almost any layout can be created.

A well placed conveyor will save your business valuable time and effort.

Where can they be used?

Conveyors are particularly suited to production, packing, warehousing and distribution environments, but they can be used just about anywhere. With varying styles available there is an option to match all applications.

Diversity of design means that conveyors are widely used in many industries. These include Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Agriculture, Chemical and Retail.

What types of system do Welco offer?

From the simplest layout through to more complex projects, Welco will determine the system best suited to your particular requirements.


The simplest and most economical method of transporting goods. This system will improve productivity and reduce manual handling. It can be tailored to manage loads between 10kg and 150kg per roller. Various special components can be added to this system to increase its functionality. Skate wheel bends, ball tables and turntables enable goods to move in different directions or turn within tight corners. Spring balanced gates provide easy access to other areas of your facility.


Featuring plastic rollers or skate wheels, this system is highly corrosion resistant. It is therefore perfect for use within environments that are sensitive to air, moisture, temperature and chemical particles.


This system provides complete control of the movement of goods by using independently driven rollers. Adaptable and highly efficient, layouts to suit all applications are possible. Additional features include load accumulation, separation of goods, 90° corner or pusher units, merge switches, chain transfers and blade stops.


PVC belt conveyors are powered by a flange-mounted motor with stop/start control. They feature adjustable height stands and can be set horizontally or on an angle to create an incline/decline. Plain or flighted belt options are available. Emergency stops, single phase motors, and side guard accessories can be added to create custom designs suitable for your application.


A fully-flexible, concertina style system perfect for areas where a versatile method of moving goods is critical. Units can be closed or expanded to suit. Mobile base frames allow the conveyor to be used in different locations as required. Fitted with a choice of skate wheels or rollers, expanding conveyors can accommodate a wide range of load capacities.

How can we help you?

Welco Projects can specify, design and install the conveyor system most suited to your needs. We offer a No Obligation site survey service, carried out by one of our skilled technical representatives. They will assess your requirements and explain how we can help your business achieve its goals.

We will make recommendations from the extensive range of options available and provide a detailed quote and technical drawings where appropriate. We are happy to return to site until you are satisfied with our proposal.

To discuss how conveyors can work for you, arrange a No Obligation site survey by calling 0800 954 9001.

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