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Bott Professional Storage Systems

Why Choose Bott?

With over 80 years of experience in the design and construction of workplace storage equipment, Bott are uniquely placed to offer proven products and built to last quality. Their comprehensive range of workbenches, cabinets, cupboards and storage panels is manufactured in the UK so they can provide long-term solutions and short lead times. Products are rigorously tested in-house as part of Bott’s extensive development programme meaning they are sold with a reassuring 10 year guarantee. Whether you’re looking for a single piece of furniture or need to kit out your whole workplace, Bott have the answer.

The Cubio Range

With heavy duty capabilities, Bott Cubio is the professional storage solution for advanced applications and demanding environments. Utilising the Bott integrated system philosophy, Cubio pieces can be combined to create a fully bespoke layout for your workplace. The range is ergonomically designed, and a choice of static and mobile options is available to optimise workflow. All products are backed by a 10 year guarantee, meaning you can be sure they are built to last. Bott Cubio’s flexibility and durability make it the ultimate in sustainable strength.

Bott Cubio Cabinets


Bott Cubio cabinets feature a combination of drawers and cupboards making them ideal for storing a wide variety of goods. Whatever your workplace there is always a cabinet to suit. Use them as standalone pieces or in conjunction with other Bott Cubio items to create a customised storage plan that works for you.

Features & Benefits

  • Reinforced steel construction provides a total capacity of up to 1 tonne
  • Drawers have a choice of UDL capacities ensuring even the heaviest of items can be stored
  • All drawers run on 100% extension roller bearing slides and feature full-height pans providing easy access to stored goods
  • Mobile cabinets can be used as maintenance or “work in progress” trolleys
Cubio Cabinets

Bott Cubio Cupboards


With a range of versatile internal fittings, including drawers, shelves and worktops; Bott Cubio cupboards are the ultimate space-saving storage solution. Offering a level of versatility unseen in standard cupboards, they can even be used as mini-workshops if floor space is at a premium.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from reinforced steel with a total capacity of up to 1 tonne for daily industrial use
  • Choice of fully lockable door styles to suit all functions and locations
  • Internal shelves for either heavy or extra-heavy duty use available
  • Cupboards can be fitted with Bott Perfo panels to increase storage capabilities
Cubio Cupboards

Bott Cubio Workbenches


Featuring three different bench styles – storage, framework and pedestal – the Bott Cubio collection offers heavy duty workbenches suitable for all industrial locations. Whether used on its own or as part of a comprehensive storage system, a Bott Cubio workbench will never let you down.

Features & Benefits

  • Choose from a selection of 40mm thick worktops suitable for any application
  • Fully-extending drawers feature heavy duty UDL capacities of up to 200kg
  • Accessories including Bott Perfo panels, lighting and over bench shelving can be added to increase functionality
  • Mobile and height-adjustable benches allow for flexible use as required
Cubio Workbenches

The Verso Range

The Bott Verso range combines quality, functionality and no-nonsense design to create storage ideal for all-round use. Available in a variety of sizes to suit, the full collection includes workbenches, cabinets, cupboards and a selection of useful extras such as drawer dividers and storage panels. Bott Verso’s modular nature makes it perfect for growing businesses or those with constantly changing requirements. Most units can be supplied in static or mobile versions for increased versatility. All items are backed by a reassuring 10 year extended guarantee.

Bott Verso Cabinets


Bott Verso cabinets can be used for an almost endless list of applications. Supplied with cupboards, drawers or a combination of both; they are an incredibly useful part of any storage system. Designed with workplace ergonomics in mind, Bott Verso cabinets feature integrated handles and full height drawer pans making use of every last millimetre of space.

Features & Benefits

  • Reinforced, welded steel construction designed to withstand regular workplace use
  • Drawers open fully on roller bearing slides for easy accessibility
  • Units feature central locking to guard against loss, damage or theft
  • Lectern tops and work surfaces can be added to combine work and storage in one handy unit
Verso Cabinets

Bott Verso Cupboards


Bott Verso cupboards take basic functionality and expand it to create a solution that goes way beyond simple storage. A selection of door types and internal fixtures embody the Bott Verso ethos of flexibility by allowing units to be used in a variety of different ways.

Features & Benefits

  • Galvanised steel shelves are strong enough to hold virtually anything
  • A choice of worktops and top trays increase functionality
  • Built from reinforced, epoxy-coated steel to provide robust, durable storage
  • Freestanding and wall-mounted cupboards available
Verso Cupboards

Bott Verso Workbenches


The mix and match nature of the Bott Verso range is exemplified by its collection of workbenches. With a choice of styles and optional extras such as lighting, castors or height-adjustable legs, each bench can be tailored to suit your workplace and will provide a solid foundation on which your storage system can grow.

Features & Benefits

  • Benches feature a maximum UDL capacity of 600kg – ideal for use in workshops, garages or maintenance areas
  • Additional storage can be added to most benches to maximise space and aid workplace organisation
  • Worktops - including specialist variants such as electrostatic dissipative - are available to suit all tasks
  • Compatible with Bott Perfo panels which keep tools and equipment within easy reach
Verso Workbenches

The Perfo Range

If you’re looking to maximise every inch of available space in your workplace then the Bott Perfo range is a must. This open storage system epitomises the principle of “a place for everything and everything in its place” by utilising panels which make items easy to see and quick to retrieve. Bott Perfo is also ideal for Lean working environments or those operating under 5S methodology. Also included in the range are specific tool holders and louvre panels for small parts storage.

Perfo Panels, Hook Kits and Accessories


Bott Perfo panels can be mobile, freestanding, wall-mounted or attached to items of furniture. A wide range of accessories suitable for holding tools and other regularly used items is also available. Create your own bespoke layout or use a pre-selected kit which offers a selection of the most popular holders.

Features & Benefits

  • Panels and hooks are constructed from steel for long-lasting, dependable storage
  • Wall cupboards allow tools to be locked away whilst also freeing up floor space
  • Mobile panels transport tools and components easily around the workplace
  • Panels keep stored goods organised making identifying lost or misplaced items simple
Perfo Panels, Hook Kits and Accessories

Bott Customise

As one of Europe’s foremost producers of workplace storage, Bott are able to offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you need a workbench for a specialist task, a run of storage cabinets for holding oversized items or simply want to use your corporate colours, Bott can make it happen.

For larger spaces, Bott can design and install a fully-fitted storage system combining customised cupboards, cabinets, workbenches and Perfo panels created especially for you.

A technical sales representative will be happy to discuss your requirements and perform a site visit if necessary.

Call 0800 954 9001 to discuss your project and find out how Bott can help

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