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For completing a variety of tasks at high levels, Work Platforms serve as a safe and reliable solution. They come in a vast range of styles, from small up to very large. The type that is best for you depends on the jobs that you need to get done and the environment in which you will be working. Mobile Work Platforms are designed for many different industries and enable people to work up high without fear of toppling over or losing their balance. Managers can keep their team productive with a work platform that is the right fit for their trade.

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For complex aerial work in a compact space, our Self-Propelled Scissor Access Platform provides the ultimate in versatility. The on-board joystick enables operators to position themselves in areas that are difficult to reach and then carry out their necessary tasks quickly and safely. Use these platforms for general maintenance work over larger spaces, for stocktaking or for picking out components needed in the workshop. Alternatively, our Push-Around Scissor Access Platforms enable staff to plan and organise tasks from below, then ascend to the required height before completing the job. Moving vertically, they can access a range of heights so that your team can arrange stock or take on maintenance tasks throughout the building. The non-marking wheels make this device ideal for performing risky, high-level jobs safely, even throughout indoor properties that have polished or sensitive floors.

If your workers are regularly loading and offloading pallets, then it’s important to protect them from the kind of back injuries that are associated with frequent lifting. One way to reduce the possibility of muscle strain problems occurring is to provide our Pallet Leveller. These useful devices are self-levelling and will quickly position a load at a safe working height. They are ideal in situations where the weight of loads is inconsistent, and they can comfortably handle large amounts of stock. If your needs are more modest, but you still want a safe platform from which to carry out tasks that are just out of reach, then our Folding Work Platform is a dependable yet small and portable solution. Lock it into position for jobs around the office or workshop and fold it away when not in use to save space.

Work platforms are a compact and convenient alternative to scaffolding and ladders. They are perfect for workplaces where space is at a premium or jobs take place in areas of heavy footfall. If you take a moment to browse through our collection, then we’re sure that you will find a platform that is right for your organisation.

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