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Podium Platforms

As a safe and secure alternative to basic stepladders, Podium Platforms serve as popular workplace devices across many industries. They assist workers in accessing higher areas and can be moved to different locations as required. Elevated decks have been relied upon by tradespeople for many years, as they can be used to stand on while carrying out complex or time-consuming jobs, and there’s extra space for tools and materials. Podium safety platforms are stable and supportive when stock is being inspected on different levels. They are available in a range of sizes, and some can be adjusted to suit individual tasks.

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Buying Guide

If you’re a busy warehouse manager with stock that is boxed and stacked on different shelves, or you are in charge of a renovations team, then podium safety platforms will become a vital part of your equipment. People who work in construction and other areas of industry that call for tasks to be carried out at an elevated level also favour these handy items. Whether your projects take you outdoors or mainly require a platform for internal tasks, we can help. Our Podium Safety Platform is designed to take members of your team to the height of an average ceiling for those times when they need to work at that level or lower. It meets all the working at height regulations, and the decking is finished in slip-proof material, so it is equally at home in the open air as it is inside. This platform can be used in commercial buildings for maintenance working or repairs and in warehouses where jobs can crop up in many different locations. It’s a fully mobile unit and can quickly fold down to fit through doorways. Our Telescopic Podium Steps can be erected inside your facility or outdoors as needed. These are a flexible choice and ideal if you have work taking place at various levels. The scaffold systems that we stock are used by numerous trades and can make any project a great deal easier to manage. Roof repairs, paint jobs and many other types of industrial tasks call for a solid platform to maintain workers' safety, which is exactly what scaffolding provides. If you are just starting out in business, then you can begin with our Scaffold Tower Base Unit. It’s a highly portable option that can be transported through doorways when necessary yet offers a sizeable deck from which to work. You can add to this with our Adjustable Leg Pack and Guardrail Pack as your needs change or as tasks become more demanding.

We strive to offer dependable podium safety platforms that will provide years of service to you and your team.

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