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Heavy Duty Folding Steps

When you need a flexible solution for all types of jobs in the workplace, our heavy-duty folding steps can be a great help. They are an ideal option for any establishment where staff have to work comfortably at low to medium heights. Folding steps are popular around the home, with craftspeople, in retail stores and in any other industries where products are kept at different levels. As their name suggests, these steps can be folded down into a more compact form for storage. From small steps to more sizeable models, we have a broad product range for you to choose from.

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1000 x 840 mm(1)
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1090 x 556 x 127 mm(1)
1160 x 536 x 600 mm(1)
1180 x 460 x 670 mm(1)
1270 x 1030 mm(1)
1300 x 410 x 810 mm(1)
1305 x 520 x 655 mm(1)
1392 x 572 x 127 mm(1)
1405 x 536 x 780 mm(1)
1435 x 500 x 850 mm(1)
1500 x 1200 mm(1)
1560 x 520 x 810 mm(1)
1655 x 536 x 960 mm(1)
1750 x 1390 mm(1)
2000 x 1570 mm(1)
2000 x 800 x 990 mm(1)
2250 x 1750 mm(1)
2250 x 800 x 1130 mm(1)
2500 x 1900 mm(1)
2500 x 800 x 1280 mm(1)
2750 x 800 x 1420 mm(1)
3000 x 800 x 1570 mm(1)
400 mm(1)
610 mm(1)
750 x 660 mm(1)
790 x 532 x 127 mm(1)
810 x 410 x 540 mm(1)
820 x 450 x 520 mm(1)

Buying Guide

All the heavy-duty folding steps in our online catalogue are designed to give users complete security and a degree of comfort when working in an elevated position. Our Quick Folding Steps have a secure handrail and semi-pneumatic wheels so that they can be manoeuvred between locations swiftly. They are robust enough for numerous industrial environments, and their powder-coated finish makes them easy to clean if they are to be used in hospitals, schools or libraries. If you are the manager of a company that requires its employees to make frequent trips to shelves or storage units that are just out of arms’ reach, then our Comfort Grip Folding Steps can provide that little bit of extra height. The handle is coated with soft foam that is easy to grip, and the steps are finished in a non-stick rubber, making them soft enough to use as a stool when needed. For ease of access in a smaller working area, you might want to consider our Hop Up Steps. These compact units are finished with wide ribbed aluminium stairs to prevent slippage and extra ribbed feet for added grip. They are perfect for artists’ studios, kitchens and schools where liquids could be spilt, and they can be slotted under a desk or table when not being used. Both mobile and lightweight, these steps are also strong and robust underfoot, even on polished surfaces. Some companies need folding steps that are flexible enough to cover a number of tasks at different levels, and if that’s the case, then we recommend our General Purpose Folding Steps. Despite being extremely strong and stable, they also have PVC feet that will not mark a floor and comfortable wide steps – an ideal choice for industry and public-sector premises alike.

Managers often struggle to locate the perfect items for their workforce, and that’s why we work tirelessly to seek out the best products for all types of industrial applications and present them to you. Amongst the various folding step models in our collection is the ideal solution for your business.

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